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UC Berkeley at TRB

WINTER 2012 -- Nearly 100 UC Berkeley transportation students, faculty, and researchers will take part in the Transportation Research Board's 91st Annual Meeting, which will be held in Washington, D.C. from January 22 through 26. 

TRB  is one of six major divisions of the National Research Council, which serves as an independent adviser to the federal government and others on scientific and technical questions of national importance. More than 10,000 transportation professionals from around the world attend the organization's annual meeting. 

This year's theme is Transportation: Putting Innovation and People to Work.

ITS Berkeley will hold its annual TRB reception at Bistro Bistro, 1727 Connecticut Ave., Wednesday, Jan. 25 from 6 to 9 p.m. 

Below is a list of UC Berkeley panelists and presenters along with the dates, time and places of their presentations. Although ITS researchers frequently collaborate with researchers from other institutions and agencies, only the names of Berkeley researchers are included in each listing.

January 22

Network Traffic Signal Control with Transit Priority (P12-6924), Eleni Christofa

Shared Bus Lane Strategies for Roadway Bottlenecks (P12-6925), Sukrun Ilgin Guler

Beam Fatigue Testing as a Specification Parameter (P12-5085), James Signore

Activity-Based Models and Transportation Equity Analysis: Research Directions and Issues of Model Performance (P12-5814), Tierra Bills

Beyond Rationality in Discrete Choice Models  (P12-6729), Joan Walker

Transportation Policy and Health: Opportunities and Challenges (P12-6085), David Ragland

The Aggregate Effect of Turns on Urban Traffic Networks (P12-6894), Vikash Gayah

Summary of Results of November Survey of Committee Research Coordinators (P12-6939), Laura Melendy

January 23

Impact of Peak and Off-Peak Tolls on Traffic in the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Corridor (12-4412), Ian Barnes, Karen Frick, Elizabeth Deakin, Alexander Skabardonis

Emerging Methods and Developments in Urban Activity and Travel Analysis Subcommittee, Joan Walker

Pedestrian Research Subcommittee, Robert Schneider

Assessment of the Impact of Weather on Freeway Operations in California (12-3753), Alexander Skabardonis

Dynamic Lane Grouping at Isolated Intersections: Problem Formulation and Performance Analysis (12-3861), Liping Zhang, Guoyuan Wu

Best Equipped, Best Served or Just BS? Confronting NextGen Equipage Challenges in NowGen Environment, Mark Hansen, presiding officer

Enhancement of Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Tool: RealCost California Customization (12-3100), Eul-Bum Lee

Spatiotemporal Analysis of Macroscopic Patterns of Urbanization and Traffic Safety: Case Study in Sacramento County, California (12-3603), Sanghyeok Kang, Margot Spiller, Kitae Jang, John Bigham

Documenting Targeted Behaviors Associated with Pedestrian Safety (12-4311), Jill Cooper, Robert Schneider

Exploring Factors Influencing Bicyclists: Perception of Comfort on Bicycle Facilities (12-2295**), Zhibin Li, Yuanyuan Zhang, David Ragland

Analysis of Impact of Further Restricting Access to High-Occupancy-Vehicle Lanes: Case Study on I-210 East (12-1567) Varun Kohli, Gabriel Gomes, Mohammad Sharafsaleh, Pravin Varaiya, Ali Mortazavi

Parking Demand Measures at Campuses: Strategies for American University of Beirut, Lebanon (12-3011), Alisar Aoun

Context-Based Approach for Adjusting Institute of Transportation Engineers Trip Generation Rates (12-3993), Robert Schneider

Joint Optimization of Pavement Maintenance and Resurfacing Planning (12-1145), Weihua Gu, Samer Madanat

The Quantified Traveler: Using Personal Travel Data to Promote Sustainable Transport Behavior (12-4573), Jerald Jariyasunant, Andre Carrel, Venkatesan Ekambaram, David Gaker, Thejovardhana Kote, Raja Sengupta, Joan Walker

Panel Discussion: Future of ITS (P12-6837), Steven Shladover

Aircraft Gauge Differences Between U.S. and Europe and Operational Implications (12-2860), Yi Liu

Variable Pricing on San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge: Impacts on Traffic Volumes  (12-0708), Robert Cervero

Conducting Transportation Survey Research in China: International Research Team Experience and Best Practices  (12-2547), Elizabeth Deakin

Analytical Capacity Comparison of One-Way and Two-Way Signalized Street Networks (12-1100), Vikash Gayah, Carlos Daganzo

Three-Stream Model for Arterial Traffic (12-1212), Aude Hofleitner, Yiguang Xuan, Alexandre Bayen

Use of Presignal to Increase Intersection Capacity: Theory and Experiment (12-1133), Yiguang Xuan, Michael Cassidy, Carlos Daganzo

Investigation of Truck Traffic Versus Placement of Inspection Facilities for Enforcement of Overweight Trucks in California (12-2135), Jihua Huang, Ching-Yao Chan

Emerging Mobility Partnerships in Era of Transit Challenge: Lessons and Observations from a Pair of Cases in San Francisco, California (12-4692), Karla Kingsley

Evaluation of Real-Time, Freeway End-of-Queue Alerting System to Promote Driver Situational Awareness (12-0991), Christopher Nowakowski, Daniel Vizzini, Somak Datta Gupta, Raja Sengupta

Estimation of Arterial Measures of Effectiveness with Connected Vehicle Data (12-1493), Juan Argote, Eleni Christofa, Yiguang Xuan, Alexander Skabardonis

Impacts of Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control on Freeway Traffic Flow (12-1868), Steven Shladover, Dongyan Su, Xiao-Yun Lu

Autonomous Algorithm to Construct a Spanning Forest in a Vehicular Network (12-4612), Yue Li

How Common Is Pedestrian Travel To, From, and Within Shopping Districts? (12-4296**), Robert Schneider, Swati Pande

Probability Distributions of Travel Times on Arterial Networks: Traffic Flow and Horizontal Queuing Theory Approach (12-0798), Aude Hofleitner, Ryan Herring, Alexandre Bayen

Detecting and Improving Public Transit Connectivity with Case Studies of Two World Sporting Events (12-2701), Supun Perera

Activity-Based Travel Models and Transportation Equity Analysis: Research Directions and An Exploration of Model Performance  (12-4359), Tierra Bills, Joan Walker

Integrated Land Use–Transport Model System with Dynamic Time-Dependent Activity-Travel Microsimulation (12-4663), Paul Waddell, Liming Wang

Travel Choices and Customer Responses to Changing Service Levels: Findings from San Francisco Bay Area (12-3650), James Rubin, Elizabeth Deakin

January 24

Rutting of Rubberized Gap-Graded and Polymer-Modified Dense-Graded Asphalt Overlays in Composite Pavements (12-3494**), James Signore

I-5 Smart Truck Parking in California: Public-Private-Academic Collaboration to Aid Truckers in Finding Safe, Legal, and Available Parking through ITS Technology (P12-5377), Elliot Martin

Mobile Millennium: Private-Public Partnership of Government, Academia, and Industry to Build Monitoring System Relying on GPS-enabled Smart Phones (P12-5652), Alexandre Bayen

Motorized Vehicle Purchase in an Indian City (12-4606), Ipsita Banerjee, Adib Kanafani, Joan Walker

Person-Based Traffic Signal Optimization for Real-Time Applications (12-2228), Eleni Christofa, Alexander Skabardonis

We All Want the Same Thing: Results from a Roadway Design Survey of Pedestrians, Drivers, Bicyclists, and Transit Users in the Bay Area (12-4096), Rebecca Sanders, Jill Cooper

Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Truck Traffic in California: Analysis and Evaluation of Statewide Weigh-in-Motion and Census Station Truck Count Data (12-4468**), Brian McDonald, Elliot Martin, Robert Harley

Vehicle Emissions Estimation Under Oversaturated Conditions Along Signalized Arterials (12-3899), Alexander Skabardonis, Eleni Christofa

Traffic Characteristics of High-Occupancy-Vehicle Lanes (12-4256), Kitae Jang, Ching-Yao Chan

Empirical Evaluation of Impacts of High-Occupancy-Vehicle Lane Collisions on Different Types of Lane Configuration in California (12-4420), Kitae Jang, Ching-Yao Chan

Social Media and Public Transportation, Elliot Martin, Presiding Officer

Spatiotemporal Clustering of Freeway Crashes (12-4238), Kwangho Kim, Kitae Jang

Built Environment and Demographic Predictors of Bicycle Access to Transit: Investigation in San Francisco Bay Area (12-0962**), Jesus Barajas

Airports and Bicycles: What Are the Obstacles and Incentives for Operators to Improve Bicycle Access? (12-1208), Phyllis Orrick

Understanding How Ecodriving Public Education Can Result in Reduced Fuel Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (12-3952), Elliot Martin, Nelson Chan, Susan Shaheen

Plug-In-Vehicle Battery Second Life: Effect of Post-Vehicle, Distributed-Grid-Energy-Storage Value on Battery Lease Payments (12-0574), Brett Williams

Observational Survey of Cell Phone and Texting Use Among California Drivers, 2011 (12-4126), Jill Cooper, David Ragland

Roundtable Discussion on Social Media Tools and Networking (P12-6697), Kendra Levine

On the Producer Cost for Transportation Services with Variable Demand and Deferral Flexibility (12-3172), Yuwei Li

Traffic Speed Estimation Using Single Inductive Loop Event Data  (12-3638), Xiao-Yun Lu, Pravin Varaiya, Roberto Horowitz, Zhaomiao Guo

Large-Scale Estimation of Arterial Traffic and Structural Analysis of Traffic Patterns from Probe Vehicles (12-0598), Aude Hofleitner, Ryan Herring, Alexandre Bayen

Which Factors Affect Willingness to Join Vehicle-Sharing Systems? Evidence from young Greek drivers (12-1076), Paul Waddell

Individual Speed Variance in Traffic Flow: Analysis of Bay Area Radar Measurements (12-2953), Sebastien Blandin, Amir Salam, Alexandre Bayen

Accounting for Congestion in Network Design (12-1104), Vikash Gayah, Sukran Ilgin Guler, Karthikgeyan Sivakumaran

Plug-in Electric Vehicles in California: Review of Current Policies, PEV-Related Emissions Reductions for 2020, and Policy Outlook (12-2768), Maggie Witt, Matthew Bomberg, Timothy Lipman, Brett Williams

An Analysis of Controller-Pilot Miscommunication in the NextGen Environment (12-4695), Jasenka Rakas

Development and Application of San Francisco Pedestrian Intersection Volume Model (12-4224**), Robert Schneider

Pedestrian Safety and Operation, Presiding Officer Robert Schneider

Associations Between Road Network Connectivity and Pedestrian-Bicyclist Accidents (12-0478**), Yuanyuan Zhang, John Bigham, Zhibin Li, David Ragland

Investigating Bicyclists' Perception of Comfort on Physically Separated Bicycle Paths: An Examination Based on Survey Data in China (12-3022), Zhibin Li, Robert Schneider, David Ragland

January 25

The Half-Mile Circle: Does It Best Represent Transit Station Catchments? (12-1071), Erick Guerra, Robert Cervero, Daniel Tischler

Modeling Operational Errors at Air Traffic Control Facilities (12-4662), Michael Seelhorst, Mark Hansen

Mode Choice Analysis of School Trips in New Jersey (12-0386), Daniel Chatman

Climate Change for Modeling: California’s Innovative Legislation Heats up a Frozen Practice (12-3154), Elizabeth Deakin

Using Smart Phones to Perform Transportation Mode Determination at the Trip Level (12-3606), Jerald Jariyasunant, Raja Sengupta

System-Level Optimization of Maintenance and Replacement Decisions for Road Networks (12-1549). Aditya Medury, Samer Madanat

Pavement Resurfacing Policy for Multicriterion Minimization of Life-Cycle Cost and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (P12-5686), Jeffrey Lidicker

Trade-offs Between Inductive Loops and GPS Probe Vehicles for Travel Time Estimation: Mobile Century Case Study (12-2746), Alexandre Bayen

Optimal Allocation of Resources in Maintenance, Rehabilitation, and Repair Planning for Heterogeneous Bridge Networks (12-1352), Zineb Essahli, Samer Madanat

Carsharing in Shanghai, China: Analysis of Behavioral Response to a Local Survey and Potential Competition (12-4233), Mingquan Wang, Eliot Martin, Susan Shaheen

Accounting for Congestion in Network Design (12-1104) (P12-6582), Vikash Gayah, Sukran Ilgiin Guler, Karthikgeyan Sivakumaran

Deployment of Unconventional Bus Lanes: Case Study (12-2667), Sukran Ilgin Guler

How will land use policies affect travel? The importance of residential sorting (12-3647), Daniel Chatman

January 26

A Study on the Wave Development and Evolution Characteristics of Stop-And-Go Traffic (12-1324), Alexander Skabardonis