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ITS Students, Faculty, and Researchers Present at TRB

WINTER 2013 -- UC Berkeley transportation engineering and planning students, faculty, and researchers presented more than 80 papers and posters at the Transportation Research Board's 92nd Annual Meeting, held in Washington D.C. earlier this month.

TRB is one of six major divisions of the National Research Council, which serves as an independent adviser to the federal government and others on scientific and technical questions of national importance. More than 11,000 transportation professions from around the world attend the organization's annual meeting.

Following is a list of UC Berkeley participants and their papers or posters in the order in which they were presented. Although ITS researchers frequently collaborate with researchers from other institutions and agencies, for brevity's sake only the names of Berkeley researchers are included in each listing.

Elizabeth Deakin, Freight in Mega-Regions

Joshua Lawrence Seeherman, Quantification of Weather Influences on Freeway Bottlenecks and Mitigation Measures
Juan Argote, Dynamic Bus Holding Control for Corridors with Overlapping Lines
Gabriel GomezTOPL-based Projects/Case Studies
Laura Melendy, Fostering and Nurturing Research Agendas
Carl MonismithDevelopment of Asphalt Mixture Tests
Raja Sengupta, Smartphones, Travel, and Behavior Change
Celeste Chavis, Regulating Informal Transit: A Case Study of the Evening Commute in Nairobi, Kenya
Susan Shaheen, Adam Cohen, Elliot Martin, Public Bikesharing in North America: Early Operator Understanding and Emerging Trends
Akshay Vij, Joan Walker, You Can Lead Travelers to the Bus Stop, But You Can’t Make Them Ride
David Ragland, Offer Grembek, Phyllis Orrick, Grace Felschundneff, Roadway and Infrastructure Design and Its Relation to Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety: Basic Principles, Applications, and Benefits
Eul-Bum Lee, Fatigue in Highway Construction Workers: Risks and Countermeasures in Rapid Renewal Project Schedules
Alexander SkabardonisEco-driving on Arterials with Connected Vehicles Technology
Manish Shirgaokar, Vehicle Ownership in Middle-Class Indian Households: Mobility in Mumbai
Sebastian Guerrero, Samer Madanat, Rob Leachman, Modeling of Greenhouse Gas Emission Mitigation Strategies in the Trucking Sector: Methodology
Alexander Skabardonis, Arterial Traffic Signal Optimization: A Person-Based Approach
Matthew Schabas, Who Rides Airport Railways? Case of London City Airport
Romain Leblanc, Joan Walker, Which Is the Biggest Carrot? Comparing Nontraditional Incentives for Demand Management
Yaoqiong Du,Ching-Yao Chan, Empirical Study on Lane-Changing Behaviors Along Different Types of High-Occupancy-Vehicle Lanes in California
Susan Shaheen, Lauren Cano, Madonna Camel, Electric Vehicle Carsharing in a Senior Adult Community in San Francisco Bay Area
Andre Carrel, Anne Halvorsen, Joan Walker, Passengers' Perception of and Behavioral Adaptation to Unreliability in Public Transportation
Joshua Lawrence Seeherman, Alexander Skabardonis, Quantification of Weather Influences on Freeway Bottlenecks
Michael J. Cassidy, Collisions in Freeway Traffic: Influence of Downstream Queues and Interim Means to Address Them
Douglas Cooper, David Ragland, Grace Felschundneff, Low Cost Upgrades to At-Grade Crossing Safety Devices
Eul-Bum Lee, Cost-Estimate Model for Transportation Management Plan Strategies for Highway Construction Projects
Pravin P. Varaiya, Wireless Accelerometer-Based Automatic Vehicle Classification Prototype System
Offer Grembek, David Ragland, Ching-Yao Chan, Weighing Integration by Block Heterogeneity to Evaluate Pedestrian Activity
Joshua Lawrence Seeherman, Alexander Skabardonis, Rethinking the Driver Population Factor: Examination of Interstate 80 in California
Edouard Bulteau, Romain Leblanc, Sebastien Blandin, Alexandre Bayen, Traffic Flow Estimation Using Higher-Order Speed Statistics
Kara E. MacLeod, David R. Ragland, William Satariano, Missed or Delayed Medical Care Appointments by Older Users of Non-emergency Medical Transportation Services
William Eisenstein, Policy Options for Incorporating Life-Cycle Environmental Assessment into Transportation Planning
Carrie Makarewicz, Vouchers, Magnets, Charters, and Options: Analyzing Effects of School and Housing Choices on Mode Choice to School
Matthew Schabas, Ruth Miller, Can BART Do Better? Sketch Modeling Alternate Fare Structures to Manage Demand
Jing-Quan Li, Kun Zhou, Steven E. Shladover, Alexander Skabardonis, Estimating Queue Distance Under Connected Vehicle Technology: Using Probe Vehicle, Loop Detector, and Fused Data
Juan Argote, Alexander Skabardonis, Arterial Queue Spillback Detection and Signal Control Based on Connected Vehicle Technology
Daniel G. Chatman, Does TOD Need the T? Auto use, residential sorting, and access to rail
Michael Reich, Do Graduated Driver License Laws Reduce Teen Employment?
Rebecca L. Sanders, Jill F. Cooper, Roadway Users Want the Same Things: Results from a Roadway Design Survey of Pedestrians, Drivers, Bicyclists, and Transit Users in the Bay Area
Robert Campbell, Alexander Skabardonis, Analysis Framework for Evaluation of Traffic Compliance Measures
Koohong Chung, Offer Grembek, Jinwoo Lee, Developing Safety Management Tools for State Departments of Transportation
Yaoqiong Du, Ching-Yao Chan, Demand Shifts and Observed Effects on Traffic Operation as a Result of Congestion Pricing Implementation on San Francisco Bay Bridge
Emily Kate McNeil Moylan, Public Transportation and Land Use Multiplier: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Potential and Associated Costs in Los Angeles, California, Metropolitan Region
Michael Taptich, Arpad Horvath, Emission-Saving Potential of Accelerated Vehicle Retirement Programs: Case Study of California Heavy-Duty Trucking
Rebecca L. Sanders, Dissecting Perceived Traffic Risk as a Barrier to Adult Bicycling
Yuanyuan Zhang, John M. Bigham, David R. Ragland, Associations Between Road Network Structure and Pedestrian-Bicyclist Accidents
Daniel G. Chatman, Explaining the “immigrant effect” on Auto Use: The influences of neighborhoods and preferences
Danjue Chen, Some Traffic Features During On-ramp Queue Flush
Jean C. Doig Godier, Michael J. Cassidy, Inhomogeneous Flow Patterns in Undersaturated Road Networks and Implications for Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram
Jill F. Cooper, David Ragland, Observational Study of Cell Phone and Texting Use Among California Drivers 2012 and Comparison with 2011 Data
Susan A. Shaheen, presiding, Latest Trends in Bike-, Car-, and Ridesharing
Paul Waddell, Network-Sensitive Transport Modeling Framework for Evaluating Impacts of Network Disruptions on Traveler Choices Under Varying Levels of User Information Provision
Lu Hao, Mark Hansen, Flight Time Predictability: Concepts, Metrics, and Impact on Scheduled Block Time
Phyllis Orrick, Karen Frick, Use of Passenger Facility Charges as a Funding Stream for Sustainable Transport Facilities at Airports
Michael Seelhorst, Yi Liu, Investigating the Role of Frequent Flyer Membership in Context of Passenger Itinerary Choice
Sanghyeok Kang, Impacts of Influential Factors on Vehicle-to-Vehicle Crash Frequency and Severity in Rainy Weather
James M. Signore, Calibration of Incremental-Recursive Rutting Prediction Models in CalME Using Heavy-Vehicle Simulator Experiments
Bor-Wen Tsai, Use of Mechanistic-Empirical Performance to Adjust and Compare Results from Accelerated Pavement Testing
Frank Proulx, Classification of Bicycle Traffic Patterns in Five North American Cities
Andre Carrel, Passengers' Perception of and Behavioral Adaptation to Unreliability in Public Transportation
Sukran Ilgin Guler, Offer Grembek, David R. Ragland, Using Time-Based Metrics to Compare Crash Risk Across Modes and Locations
Offer Grembek, Matthew Braughton, Pedestrian Crash Risk on Boundary Roadways: University Campus Case Study
Elliot W. Martin, Nelson Chan, Susan Shaheen, Dynamic Ecodriving in Northern California: Study of Survey and Vehicle Operations Data from Ecodriving Feedback Device
Elliot W. Martin, Susan A. Shaheen, Truck Parking and Traffic on I-5 in California: Analysis of a Clipboard Survey and Annual Average Daily Traffic Data
Jeffrey M Vincent, Ariel H Bierbaum, Putting Schools on the Map: Linking Transit-Oriented Development, Households with Children, and Schools
Daniel G. Chatman, Transit Service, Physical Agglomeration, and Productivity in U.S. Metropolitan Areas
Yizhen Gu, Elizabeth Deakin, Effect of Driving Restrictions on Travel Behavior in Beijing
Paul Waddell, Disaggregated Real Estate Demand Model with Price Formation for Integrated Land Use and Transportation Modeling
Dongyan Su, Alex Kurzhanskiy, Roberto Horowitz, Simulation of Arterial Traffic Using Cell Transmission Model
Jinwoo Lee, Empirical Analysis of Discretionary Lane Changes Using Probabilistic Models
Danjue Chen, Traffic Hysteresis and Evolution of Stop-and-Go Oscillations
Paul Waddell, Reflecting Impacts of System-wide Pricing Strategies in an Integrated Continuous-Time Prism-Constrained Activity-Travel Simulator of Demand and Supply
Alexander Skabardonis, Alexandre Bayen, California Connected Corridors: Vehicles, Information, and People Pilot
Joan L. Walker, Influence of Social Contacts and Communication Use on Travel Behavior: Smart-Phone-Based Study
Carlos Vanegas, Evaluation of Shape Grammar Rules for Urban Transport Network Design
Steven E. Shladover, Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control to Stabilize Car Following
Ching-Yao Chan, Yao-Qiong Du, Operational Performance of High-Occupancy-Vehicle Facilities: Comparison of Contiguous and Limited Access HOV Lanes in California
Yaoqiong Du, Ching-Yao Chan, Demand Shifts and Observed Effects on Traffic Operation as a Result of Congestion Pricing Implementation on San Francisco Bay Bridge
Manish Shirgaokar, Suburbanization of the Indian City: Impacts on Car and Two-wheeler Use in Mumbai
Weihua Gu, Michael J. Cassidy, Mitigating Negative Impacts of Near-Side Bus Stops on Cars