Berkeley Transportation Letter

From the archives: Spring 2010
Conventional thinking assumes that high-speed rail zipping up and down the length of California is environmentally superior to slow-going heavy rail, such as Amtrak, and fossil-fuel-guzzling cars and planes. But is it? In a recently published paper, Arpad Horvath, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Mikhail Chester, an ITS post-doc researcher, dig deeper and compare the costs and benefits of different modes from another perspective: life-cycle analysis.

The Catalonian capital is launching ambitious plans to implement a next-generation, bus rapid transit (BRT) network. The design of the cutting-edge new system is based on research by ITS Berkeley's Carlos Daganzo, himself a Barcelona native.


Through the Advanced Aviation Education Program, which Jasenka Rakas helped establish in 2003, students can earn scholarships and internships in government and private industry to gain valuable experience and contacts, and offset the cost of school.