Berkeley Transportation Letter

From the archives: Winter 2011
If a God of Transportation organized a more efficient way to move passengers up and down California, cutting fuel use as well as greenhouse gases, what would the ideal mix of vehicles look like? No such deity exists, of course, but if ITS postdoctoral researcher Megan Smirti Ryerson were appointed to the position, the mix would include turboprops.
Tim Lipman

Electric vehicles grabbed all the headlines last year. So whatever happened to hydrogen? TSRC Co-director Tim Lipman answers questions about the new hydrogen fueling station under construction and the future of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.


Adib Kanafani's retirement was announced at a holiday part held at the Transportation Library in December. Kanafani has been associated with ITS Berkeley since 1966, when he arrived as a civil engineering graduate student with an interest in transportation. He led ITS for 15 years. 

gaker_walker award_crop_300p.jpg

The Kitamura Paper Award was created to honor Ryuichi Kitamura, a legendary travel behavior specialist who was instrumental in the creation of ITS-Davis and active with the Transportation Research Board. ITS student David Gaker and Professor Joan Walker, along with former ITS student Yanding Zheng, are the first recipients of the award, to be presented at TRB.