Berkeley Transportation Letter

From the archives: winter 2013
When LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa needed help getting the city's transit program on track, a UC Berkeley team gave him 172 recommendations. He also heard why the traditional notion of transit-oriented development would never work in the City of Angels.

In Delta Airline's vast operations control room in Atlanta, Georgia, ITS students learned first hand how decisions are made that affect passenger travel and fuel use. Back on campus, they are modeling airline activities that could lead to fuel reduction.


The methods used by planners to forecast our future transportation needs fail to account for our human frailties: irrational behavior, hard-to-break habits, and our need to define ourselves by what we consume.


UC Berkeley transportation engineering and planning students, faculty, and researchers presented more than 80 papers at TRB's 92nd Annual Meeting earlier this month. Here is a list of presenters and papers.