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  •  Professor Emeritus of Civil and Environmental Engineering from UC Berkeley Dolf May and the pioneer of ramp meters and HOV lanes recently made the news as LA celebrates getting its first freeway onramp meter 50 years ago. See how they changed traffic.

    Los Angeles Daily News
  •  PATH's Connected Corridors wants to use technology to solve California’s traffic problems. It’s one of the first wide-scale, Caltrans-led attempts​ at using data, software and traffic patterns to alleviate congestion through travel corridors.

  • Transportation Sustainaility Research Center research on carsharing featured in Fast Company's AAA Is Planning For A Future Where We Don’t Own Cars–Starting With Carshare.

    Fast Company
  •  Leaders at the Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS) Berkeley took center stage on Tuesday, April 4 at the University of California (UC) Center Sacramento, discussing how technological advancements and social changes will impact traffic, focusing specifically on how research at the UC ITS Centers on data and smart cities could improve traffic management.

  • Transportation Sustainability Research Center Co-Director Susan Shaheen comments on Newest battleground between public transit & Uber, Lyft is unlikely one at the East Bay Times.

    East Bay Times
  • Transportation Engineering doctoral student Lewis Lehe's work featured in City Lab article titled A Nifty Visualization of the 'Vicious Cycle' of Bus Bunching.

  •  Director of the Institute of Transportation Studies Alexandre Bayen talks about how navigation apps might make for slower traffic overall to KALW Radio.

  •  For many, they still think of flying cars as a concept of the future But in reality, Swiss customers have already bought their helicopter car, while the passenger drone will start service in Dubai soon.

    Radio Television Suisse explores current technology already out on the road and on the floor at automotive shows. They also come to Mountain View, Calif. to sneak a peek at Zee, an aircraft developer bankrolled by Google co-founder Larry Page and talk with Institute of Transportation Studies Berkeley director Alexandre Bayen about what drones and flying cars mean for the future of airspace infrastructure.
    See the video in French. Bayen begins speaking at 12:40. Check out this US News report on Flying cars under development vary significantly.
    Radio Television Suisse
  •  Transportation Sustainability Research Center Co-Director Susan Shaheen tackles the subject og Understanding The Insurance Risk of Carsharing in Move Forward.

    Move Forward
  • Transportation Sustainability Research Center Co-Director Susan Shaheen comments to CNN Money on ridesharing: Life after Uber: How Austin moved on from a breakup.

    CNN Money