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  • In a remarkably candid interview in the Sept. 9 Sacramento Business Journal, California High-Speed Rail Authority CEO Jeff Morales admits that a straight-shot line from San Francisco to Los Angeles could conceivably have been built privately.

    Sacramento Bee
  • Last week, San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón sent a letter to Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar explaining that they are engaging in unlawful business practices. Should these practices not be changed, the letter explained, San Francisco and Los Angeles district attorneys’ offices were prepared to file for injunctive relief and civil penalties.

    SF Chronicle
  • zzrothschild.jpg

    Nathaniel Rothschild, whose ancestor helped bankroll Britain’s war against Napoleonic France 200 years ago, is backing London cabbies in their battle against Uber Technologies Inc...“Door-to-door shared rides are going to be like dining at the Ritz compared to TfL,” he posted on Sept. 20, referring to Transport for London which controls the city’s buses, metro and overland train network.

    Bloomberg News
  • advisory-nl-540x347-1.jpg

    Portland is importing a new kind of bike lane design from the Netherlands. “Advisory bike lanes” allow drivers to use the bike lane space if they have to — and if it’s safe. Jonathan Maus at Bike Portland reports that advisory bike lanes are intended for streets with high bike traffic but not a high volume of car traffic, where there otherwise wouldn’t be room for bike lanes...

    Streetsblog Network
  • The woman accused of driving through San Francisco with a city worker on the hood of her car for a mile made her first court appearance Wednesday. 33-year-old Bo Mounsombath is facing three felony charges.

  • zzpuck.jpg

    We don’t know how much self-driving cars will cost when they finally hit the market, but our best guess is, a lot. The technology needed to take the wheel out of your hands is frightfully expensive. Now, we can revise that estimate down a bit with the debut of a laser system that’s roughly the size and shape of a hockey puck and costs just eight grand.

  • ...The streetcar will return to city roadways more than a half-century after Washington’s last streetcar stopped rolling. The new system has been years in the planning, and a start day will come after many months of delays. City officials had said passengers would be riding the new line in spring 2014.

    Washington Post
  • In a blow to American hopes of reaching an international deal to fight global warming, India’s new environment minister said Wednesday that his country would not offer a plan to cut its greenhouse gas emissions ahead of a climate summit next year in Paris.

    New York Times
  • Texting while driving with Google Glass is clearly a distraction, a new study has concluded -- but there is a twist. In the study, texting Glass users outperformed smartphone users when regaining control of their vehicles after a traffic incident.

    Science Daily
  • Bay Area Bike Share's hefty, powder-blue cruisers have been rolling through S.F. since August 2013, and Heath Maddox, manager of SFMTA's bikeshare program, is eager to see more of them...But S.F. can't get a bigger system, not because it can't afford the additional bikes (the money for 15 new stations in S.F. and 15 more on the Peninsula has been in place for a year), but because the companies contracted to produce the bikes are in turmoil — one is bankrupt and the other is up for sale.

    SF Weekly