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  • BART expects to begin a late-night weekend bus service as early as December to carry riders from jobs, night clubs and social visits after the trains stop running at midnight...The service would be offered until about 2 or 3 a.m. along some routes between key BART stations in San Francisco and the East Bay.

    Contra Costa Times
  •  NHTSA aggressively investigates and pursues recalls to protect the American public. Over the past 10 years, NHTSA's work has led to 1,299 recalls involving more than 95 million vehicles and auto equipment.

    USA Today
  • ...Called Pedestrian SCOOT (Split Cycle Offset Optimization Technique), it is the first of its kind in the world and uses state-of-the-art video cameras to detect how many pedestrians are waiting at crossings...The SCOOT system already regulates London's traffic flows and has been credited with cutting delays by 12% in the capital.

  • zzairports.png

     Despite almost a decade of work creating the Next Generation Air Transportation System, called NextGen, experts say the Federal Aviation Administration system designed to reduce air traffic wait times in the air and on the ground will not realize its full potential without a stable source of funding. 

  • ...The “RoadRunner” system, developed for Singapore by graduate student Jason Gao and his advisor Li-Shiuan Peh, issues a digital “token” to each car entering a congestion-prone area. Once a given number of tokens are assigned, a car can’t enter unless another vehicle leaves. Everyone else gets turn-by-turn directions to avoid the area. In computer simulations using data from Singapore’s Land Transit Authority, Gao and Peh saw an 8 percent increase in average car speed during periods of peak congestion. They also did a small scale test in Cambridge, Mass. to prove the technology works.

  • Despite the increasingly bitter PR war between the taxi industry and its startup foes such as Uber and Lyft, one fundamental question about the relationship between the two remains hazy: Are these new app-based transportation services creating new demand among consumers who never took taxis anyway, or are they straight-up stealing traditional taxi business?

    Washington Post
  • ...Secretary Anthony Foxx doesn’t have the authority to compel airlines to do anything unless it is directly related to safety, he made it clear in a recent interview that his agency is monitoring the ongoing mid-air skirmishes. And he sent an important message that can potentially bring both sides of this raging debate together.

    Washington Post
  • As long as there have been cars, there has been a "car of the future"—and for most of the last century, that's meant one that fliesdrives itself, or both. But for a brief, heady time, tomorrow's car was the Amphicar—"the sportscar that swims."

  • ...It is time for a new redevelopment tool. Assembly Bill 2280 is the right approach. Revitalized urban areas are critical to California’s continued progress out of recession. Urban development faces tough challenges, including old infrastructure, odd-shaped lots and environmental issues. Absent redevelopment, many of the areas most in need of revitalization will deteriorate further.

    Sacramento Bee
  • Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation requiring drivers in the burgeoning ride-sharing industry to carry more insurance, his office announced Wednesday.

    Sacramento Bee