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    The map below should concern you. This visualization, made by James Siddle, shows a single commuter's journeys using London's public bicycles in a six-month period between 2012 and 2013. Purple lines indicate round trips while orange lines represent one-way journeys...This commuter appears to live in the Limehouse neighborhood, at the southeast corner of the map, and works at King's Cross, toward the northwest. She probably has close friends, family, or a partner in Bow, at the eastern edge of the map 

    Atlantic Cities
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    ...Did travel in Los Angeles — nay, in any American city — just get ridiculously easy? Over the course of three days, UberX enabled me to conquer L.A. on my own terms without reverting to a childlike dependency on someone with a license. UberX isn't free; it's still more expensive than transit. But it's a lifeline in a city that offers few reliable alternatives to car ownership. And if history is any guide, I think it's here to stay...Long before TNCs captured public attention, the low-tech jitneys of the 1910s disrupted the existing transportation order by promising a more customized service at a similar price to public transit.

    Atlantic Cities
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    Electric vehicles could travel farther and more renewable energy could be stored with lithium-sulfur batteries that use a unique powdery nanomaterial..."Lithium-sulfur batteries have the potential to power tomorrow's electric vehicles, but they need to last longer after each charge and be able to be repeatedly recharged," said materials chemist Jie Xiao of the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. "Our metal organic framework may offer a new way to make that happen."

    Science Daily
  • ...Starting this month, anyone who buys or leases a Leaf in the Bay Area will get two years of free access to the nation's largest networks of public charging stations. The same deal will be available to customers in Sacramento, San Diego and seven other urban areas nationwide.

    SF Chronicle
  • Airline executives frequently complain about fuel costs. But the truth is higher prices actually have been good for business...High oil prices forced the major airlines to do business differently. They grounded older, gas-guzzling jets. Then they charged extra for checking baggage and raised other fees. More passengers were packed into planes and mergers helped push airfares higher. The average cost of a roundtrip domestic ticket — including baggage and reservation change fees — grew to $378.62 from $351.48 in the last five years, when adjusted for inflation.

    SF Chronicle
  • BART riders are getting one final chance to weigh in on the design details of the transit cars that will be carrying passengers around the Bay Area as soon as 2017. A line of interested people snaked through a half-length model of one of the reimagined cars Wednesday at San Francisco's Justin Herman Plaza, testing out the colorful seats, the real-time electronic system map and other innovations, such as dedicated space for bikes. It was the first of 10 stops for the model over the next month.

    SF Chronicle
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    Elected officials called for an independent review of corrosion inside the new $6.5 billion San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. They said their concerns stemmed from a Sacramento Bee investigation published Sunday that identified rust inside a supposedly protected chamber where the new span’s main suspension cable is attached.

    Sacramento Bee
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    After being bombarded for hours from all sides, the city's Municipal Transportation Agency board voted to give up $11 million in annual revenue and go along with Mayor Ed Lee's plan to stop charging for parking in metered spaces on Sundays.

    SF Chronicle
  • Regular taxi riders will probably tell you that for all the good rides they've had, there have also been memorably awful experiences involving rattletrap cabs and drivers who didn't know where they were going, barely spoke English, drove like maniacs, overcharged or suffered from poor personal hygiene. So it's no surprise that the industry has long been ripe for disruptive competition. The surprise is that it took so long.

    USA Today
  • Researchers at UC San Diego have created for the first time compounds made from mixtures of calcium hexaboride, strontium and barium hexaboride. They also have demonstrated that the compounds could be manufactured using a simple, low-cost manufacturing method known as combustion synthesis.

    Science Daily