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    The Bay Area Bike Share program launched a contest earlier this week for designers and programmers to present data from bicycle trips in an informative and creative way. The Open Data Challenge is collaborating with San Francisco-based design studio Stamen Design, which specializes in maps and data graphics, to encourage users to come up with innovative ideas for sharing information about the nearly 150,000 bike trips completed since the program launched last year. 

    SF Examiner
  • When a dangerous product is on the market, like the GM Cobalt with a faulty ignition switch now linked to more than a dozen deaths, the manufacturer has primary responsibility to recall it. But when companies fail, as General Motors did so deplorably with the Cobalt, the public counts on federal watchdogs to do the job. This time, the watchdog — the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration — failed even to bark, a troubling measure of the agency's effectiveness.

    USA Today
  • Somewhere in a major American city, every Saturday night, a woman tells her friends that she's about to leave a party. Alone. Whether she's going to take the subway, or head to the bus stop, or simply walk, if it's after midnight a fellow partygoer will almost always pull out a phone and say, "No, no. Let me call you a cab."

    Atlantic Cities
  • ...Last year was a record: 46 people plunged to their deaths from the majestic orange bridge. Bridge workers stopped 118 others. That is a suicide or an attempt almost every other day at what is the most popular suicide spot in the nation, and among the most popular in the world...The plan calls for a $66 million stainless-steel net system 20 feet below the sidewalk.

    New York Times
  • Thousands of Bay Area workers will become eligible by Sept. 30 for a new commuter benefit that could save them hundreds of dollars a year if they take public transit or van pools to work.

    Contra Costa Times
  • The intersection at the west end of Gilman Street in Berkeley is daunting to even the most confident of drivers. Eight lanes of traffic lead onto and off of busy Interstate 80; four different frontage roads converge on the interchange; Gilman Street runs right through the middle of it all; and the Bay Trail, which runs just west of the intersection, leaves bicyclists and pedestrians to navigate the dangerous roadway, which is often populated with frustrated drivers and is only governed by a handful of stop signs.

    SF Chronicle
  • The Santa Monica City Council late Tuesday took a major step toward closing all or part of the city's airport after July 2015 -- a controversial move that could result in years of additional court battles with the federal government...The decision also calls for the city to consider converting airport land to low-impact non-aviation uses. Meanwhile, it will continue a legal effort to gain full control of the facility, which is subject to federal agreements designed to preserve the 227-acre airport, including its 5,000-foot runway.

    LA Times
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    ...As the system staggers out of a brutal winter season, city officials have taken Citi Bike’s operators to task over its persistent financial concerns, which have left the program hunting for new investors to support the system and pay for its long-awaited expansion. Yet a review of the program’s history suggests that a confluence of factors — wishful projections and political considerations, forces of nature and misadventures in paperwork — have imperiled the system.

    New York Times
  • Transportation officials are growing the workforce that is dismantling the old eastern span of the Bay Bridge — a move that includes a $12.67 million increase in the cantilever demolition contract they hope will be covered by cost savings in the end. The old double-decker cantilever structure was closed in September and replaced by the new self-anchored suspension span. Since June, when the contractor prioritized completing the new eastern span, demolition has fallen six months behind.

    SF Examiner
  • A federal agency overseeing transportation safety is warning pilots to take extra precautions after a pair of recent plane landings at the wrong airports....Government safety data shows that at least 150 flights made such mistakes over the past two decades. 

    AP/Washington Post