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  •  Nexar, the creator of the first vehicle-to-vehicle network app that turns smartphones into connected AI dashcams, announced today that it will be joining the Berkeley DeepDrive (BDD) Industry Consortium, a prominent research alliance bringing together private industry sponsors, faculty, and researchers from multiple departments and centers. The BDD Consortium strives to develop new and emerging technologies with real-world applications for the automotive industry. With Nexar's added driving data and technological expertise, the Consortium will take on key initiatives to merge deep learning with automotive perception and bring computer vision technology to the forefront of the automotive industry.


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  •  Transportation Sustaianbility Research Center Co-Director Susan Shaheen relects on the 2016 TRB meeting workshop she hosted with Prachi Vakharia of RideAmigos examining the latest developments in mobility and how to use research and policy tools to effectively shape its future.

    Move Forward
  •  Transportation Sustainability Research Center Co-Director Susan Shaheen talks to Infinite Earth Radio about shared-mobility services during a podcast.

    Infinite Earth Radio
  •  Transportation Sustainability Research Center Co-Director Susan Shaheen talks about How Zipcar Is Reducing Car Congestion On College Campuses with Fast Company Co-Exist.

    Fast Company Co-Exist
  •  Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology Program Manager Steven SHladover talks about the question "With the advent of driverless cars, will parents today even need to teach their kids how to drive?" with New Atlas.

    New Atlas
  •  UC Berkeley’s Transportation Sustainability Research Center will assess the impact of the projects and understand how implementation of these programs meet the goals that were outlined in the grant proposal.

    Daily Californian
  • San Francisco and ITS Berkeley collaborate to receive $11 million from the federal government for projects to encourage carpools, time traffic signals for transit and pedestrian safety, and test driverless passenger shuttles at Treasure Island.

    SF Chronicle
  •  Transportation Sustainability Research Center Co-Director Susan Shaheen talks about factors in tomorrow's transit landscape.

    Next City
  •  Transportatoin Sustainability Research Center Co-Director Susan Shaheen joins KALW panel to discuss the remaining technical challenges and questions raised by the proliferation of these autonomous vehicles, including how we might benefit and how autonomous vehicles might change our landscape.

  • Steven Shladover, a manager at the Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology program comments on One Car Can Prevent a Traffic Jam: With congestion getting worse, proponents advise techniques such as preventing bottlenecks, letting others cut in; the problem with tailgaters via the Wall Street Journal.

    Wall Street Jouranl