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    ...Caltrans and Cotati have reached a tentative agreement to transfer an under-utilized Park-and-Ride in Cotati to the city for redevelopment. The plan would expand an existing Park-and-Ride lot in southern Petaluma that is perpetually full and build a new lot north of Santa Rosa at Airport Boulevard.

    Santa Rosa Press Democrat
  • If BART directors want to figure out what went wrong with last year's labor negotiations, they could save themselves a $225,000 consulting fee and just look in the mirror. They could start with Director James Fang of San Francisco, who chairs a special four-member board subcommittee created to figure out how to avoid another collective bargaining debacle. For those who don't recall, Fang was walking the picket lines with the workers while the district's negotiators were at the bargaining table. Maybe, just maybe, that sent the wrong message to the unions.

    Contra Costa Times
  • Federal transportation authorities are investigating ways to minimize death and injuries in bus crashes following the fiery wreck that left 10 dead when a FedEx truck slammed into a tour bus carrying high school students in Northern California.

    AP/Washington Post
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    The long, strange story of Bixi, the Montréal-based company that provides equipment for some of the world’s largest bike-share systems, got even weirder last Friday, as its bankruptcy sale ended with a courtroom drama.

    Atlantic Cities
  • Gentrification “has become shorthand for an urban neighborhood where muggings are down and espresso is roasted,” wrote Times reporter Andrea Elliot...However one might feel about the topic, most everyone would agree that the process benefits the wealthy more than the poor, and tends to erase socioeconomic diversity. Are there ways to curb its effects? Seven responses.

    New York Times
  • Some of the most vulnerable and integral cable sections and rods on the new $6.5 billion San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge are rusting... a Sacramento Bee investigation found that inside one of the chambers, where the suspension cable is attached, the cable strands and rods show rust. Lab tests confirm the rust, alarming independent engineering experts who warn of severe long-term implications...Experts said that if corrosion worsens, it will lead to structural damage well ahead of the planned 150-year service life of the bridge.

    Sacramento Bee
  •  The firm that designed the new Bay Bridge eastern span warned Caltrans as the bridge neared completion that some of its welds could crack prematurely under the constant pounding of cars and trucks, The Chronicle has learned. The potential for cracking was created after the span was designed, said engineers with the firm T.Y. Lin International. It happened when Caltrans suspended its rules and allowed the bridge builder to weld together Chinese-manufactured sections of steel road deck that didn't fit together correctly.

    SF Chronicle
  • Some cable sections and rods on the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge are rusting. The Sacramento Bee reported Sunday hat the findings have alarmed engineering experts who say the rust could have long-term implications for the new span.

    AP/Oakland Tribune
  • As the California Department of Transportation prepares to close several lanes of U.S. Highway 50 through downtown Sacramento, the head of the regional transit agency said Thursday that the state isn’t providing enough money to pay for the increased public transit needed to serve commuters trying to avoid lengthy traffic jams.

    Sacramento Bee
  • With a crisis looming for transportation funding this year, a bipartisan quartet of U.S. Senate leaders emerged Thursday to say they had outlined a long-term proposal to replace funding that expires Oct. 1... the agreement is a significant sign of progress in a year when little action had been expected until after the November elections.

    Washington Post