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  • The Highway Trust Fund is still on track to run out of money at the end of August and it should drop below a $4 billion balance in July, according to the latest U.S. Department of Transportation estimates released this week. The monthly numbers continue to show an HTF balance in the red before the end of the year. Last month's HTF ticker demonstrated a similar outlook.

    AASHTO Journal
  • A revised mixed-use development project adjacent to the Hayward Park Caltrain station in San Mateo is moving forward amid concerns from local residents over traffic, parking and privacy issues. At a neighborhood meeting Tuesday evening, EBL&S Development unveiled the details of its latest application for the roughly $300 million Station Park Green project. The plan is a slight modification of one approved by the San Mateo City Council in February 2011 and developers say it aims to address some of the worries raised by Hayward Park residents in the three years it has taken the project to secure financing.

    SF Examiner
  • Motor vehicle crashes rank as the leading cause of teen deaths and in 2008, 16% of all distraction-related fatal automobile crashes involved drivers under 20 years of age. These grim statistics, coupled with an increasing nationwide awareness of the dangers of distracted driving for all ages, prompted the publication of an important supplement to the Journal of Adolescent Health that explores the causes of distracted driving and offers practical recommendations to reduce the incidence of distracted driving among teens.

    Science Daily
  • With stretches of the Highway 101 expansion project still underfunded, one Petaluma city official is hoping new revenue generated from an anticipated county sales tax measure could lead to the completion of highway widening from Petaluma to the county line.

  • TransForm, an organization that advocates for sustainable transportation, smart growth, and affordable housing throughout California, will host its third annual summit next week to discuss the state’s transportation priorities. The Transportation Choices Summit will take place in Sacramento on Tuesday, April 22, and feature speakers from advocacy organizations including the Greenlining Institute, Move LA, and Safe Routes to Schools, as well as state legislators and representatives from state agencies.

    Streetsblog LA
  • In an effort to support the construction of more multimodal local streets and roads, Caltrans today endorsed National Association of City Transportation Officials’ (NACTO) guidelines that include innovations such as buffered bike lanes and improved pedestrian walkways. “California’s transportation system must be multimodal and support bicycles and pedestrians as well as automobiles,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty. “Caltrans’ endorsement of these innovative street design options is an important part of modernizing our approach to improving transportation for all Californians.”

    California Department of Transportation
  • zzghgreduction.jpeg

    ...The decline over the previous year was driven mostly by power plant operators switching from coal to natural gas, improvements in fuel efficiency for transportation and a warmer winter that cut demand for heating, according to an inventory released by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

    LA Times
  • zzlondonbikecommuter.jpg

    The map below should concern you. This visualization, made by James Siddle, shows a single commuter's journeys using London's public bicycles in a six-month period between 2012 and 2013. Purple lines indicate round trips while orange lines represent one-way journeys...This commuter appears to live in the Limehouse neighborhood, at the southeast corner of the map, and works at King's Cross, toward the northwest. She probably has close friends, family, or a partner in Bow, at the eastern edge of the map 

    Atlantic Cities
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    ...Did travel in Los Angeles — nay, in any American city — just get ridiculously easy? Over the course of three days, UberX enabled me to conquer L.A. on my own terms without reverting to a childlike dependency on someone with a license. UberX isn't free; it's still more expensive than transit. But it's a lifeline in a city that offers few reliable alternatives to car ownership. And if history is any guide, I think it's here to stay...Long before TNCs captured public attention, the low-tech jitneys of the 1910s disrupted the existing transportation order by promising a more customized service at a similar price to public transit.

    Atlantic Cities
  • zzbatteries.jpg

    Electric vehicles could travel farther and more renewable energy could be stored with lithium-sulfur batteries that use a unique powdery nanomaterial..."Lithium-sulfur batteries have the potential to power tomorrow's electric vehicles, but they need to last longer after each charge and be able to be repeatedly recharged," said materials chemist Jie Xiao of the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. "Our metal organic framework may offer a new way to make that happen."

    Science Daily