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  • ITS Director Alexandre Bayen and Professor Robert Cervero talk about Imagining a Traffic-Free Future By Sending Driverless Cars Underground: A radical proposal to solve congestion might be too beautiful for this world.

    City Lab
  •  Daniel Chatman, a UC Berkeley city planning professor who studies transit, talks about how Chariot's expansion and private sector transit can affect traffic patterns.

    San Francisco Chronicle
  •  Transportation Sustainability Research Center Co-Director Susan Shaheen talks about expecting big changes coming down the road, from highway building and transit funding to ride-hailing and environmental concerns,.

  •  Research led by Mark Z. Jacobsen from the Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering and University of California Berkeley transportation Prof. Mark A. Delucchi simulated conditions on the electrical grid with 100 percent penetration of water, wind, and solar power across the continental United States between 2050 and 2055.

  •  The energy saving of California PATH's 3-truck platoon is tested in collaboration with Transport Canada, reported in Autofocus. PATH's Steven Shladover comments in this translated piece.

  • Tranportation Sustainability Research Center Co-Director SusanShaheen comments on the newest estimate of the ever-growing number of Uber and Lyft drivers who operate in San Francisco, based on data from the San Francisco Treasurer’s Office provided to the San Francisco Examiner.

    SF Examiner
  •  Huge projects, such as the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge, can define a region and transform the fabric of a city–but they are often delayed and come in massively over budget. Karen Frick, Co-Director of the University of California Transportation Center at Berkeley, attempted to deconstruct megaprojects and how to manage them more effectively in a presentation this afternoon at the San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association’s (SPUR) center in Oakland.

  •  Nexar, the creator of the first vehicle-to-vehicle network app that turns smartphones into connected AI dashcams, announced today that it will be joining the Berkeley DeepDrive (BDD) Industry Consortium, a prominent research alliance bringing together private industry sponsors, faculty, and researchers from multiple departments and centers. The BDD Consortium strives to develop new and emerging technologies with real-world applications for the automotive industry. With Nexar's added driving data and technological expertise, the Consortium will take on key initiatives to merge deep learning with automotive perception and bring computer vision technology to the forefront of the automotive industry.


    PR Newswire
  •  Transportation Sustaianbility Research Center Co-Director Susan Shaheen relects on the 2016 TRB meeting workshop she hosted with Prachi Vakharia of RideAmigos examining the latest developments in mobility and how to use research and policy tools to effectively shape its future.

    Move Forward
  •  Transportation Sustainability Research Center Co-Director Susan Shaheen talks to Infinite Earth Radio about shared-mobility services during a podcast.

    Infinite Earth Radio