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  • ...The state gas tax will rise 3.5 cents a gallon, to 39.5 cents, on July 1 after a recent vote by the state Board of Equalization.

    Mercury News
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    ...The Chronicle requested data on delays lasting 15 minutes or longer from Nov. 1, 2011, to Oct. 31, 2012, and found that problems with train brakes, propulsion systems, automatic train-control systems, doors and electrical systems accounted for the bulk of the 573 lengthier delays...What those systems have in common is age, and the costly proposition of replacing them...But the physical woes of mechanical middle age are not the transit system's only challenge. Growing numbers of passengers - and the disruptions they cause, sometimes intentionally - also lead to delays.

    SF Chronicle
  • With the technologically advanced 787, Boeing offered airlines big fuel savings and better comfort for passengers. It also promised something else: the ability to reach just about any airport on the globe without having to stop.

    New York Times
  • In a marked shift of protocol, the New York Police Department has begun conducting robust investigations of traffic crashes that result in critical injuries but not certain or likely death. In the past, investigators from a specialized unit, the Accident Investigation Squad, were sent only when at least one victim had died or was deemed by first responders to be “likely to die.”

    New York Times
  • For drivers who regularly face the challenges of parking in Manhattan, the age of technology has provided precious few options...Pango officially went into use this week at the Imperial garage on 77th Street near Lexington Avenue. The New York location, along with Phoenix, where the service was introduced earlier this month, represents the debut of Pango in the United States...

    New York Times
  • Republican eminence grise George Shultz addressed a packed room on Capitol Hill Friday to press for a carbon tax. He spent three days in Washington with scientists from MIT and Stanford to talk about advances in alternative fuels, including a potential “game changing” breakthrough under way at Stanford that could quadruple the driving range of lithium ion batteries, putting electric cars on a par with internal combustion engines.

    SF Chronicle
  • The House of Representatives voted to subtract $785 million from the transportation budget this week, trimming dollars from transit, New Starts and highway safety programs as part of a “continuing resolution” measure that will set spending levels through 2013.

  • The City Council this week approved a 30-year operational plan for the proposed Downtown streetcar, identifying and committing up to $294 million that would fund maintenance and operations of the project.

    Los Angeles Downtown News
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    ..."It's absolutely the case that after the first accident involving an automated vehicle, there will be an automated ambulance chaser following," says Robert Hartwig, president of the Insurance Information Institute.

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    ...The new details about the fire aboard the technologically advanced aircraft were in a 48-page preliminary report from the National Transportation Safety Board board that provided the most comprehensive picture so far of the battery fire in the 787 that was parked at the airport and burst into flame on Jan. 7.

    New York Times