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  • ...The clean technology business is at a crossroads. Never have so many green products been as close to ready for prime time as they are now, technically finished and increasingly cost-competitive. As this USA TODAY series will explain, green innovation is changing everything from vacations to war-making.

    USA Today
  • Boeing plans a test flight shortly for one of its 787 Dreamliners built for LOT Polish Airlines to check whether its redesigned lithium-ion batteries work.

    USA Today
  • IRELAND-articleLarge.jpg

    Kilgarvan is little more than a blink-and-you-miss-it blip on the busy road between the tourist towns of Killarney and Kenmare: a single street, a straggle of houses, a shop, two bars, a church and a graveyard. But it became the center of an international media frenzy this winter when the local council voted to legalize drunken driving. That was the way it was portrayed, at least. 

    New York Times
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    To hear Jackie Dean tell it, it all started more than 18 years ago with her cousin Peaches’s beat-up Lincoln, a tip from her friend Gayle and possible betrayal by her own mother. But, really, it may have actually started back in the second grade, in Mr. John’s class, when Jackie and her classmates read the most books in their school in Oakland and won a choice of a field trip.

    New York Times
  •  A Caltrain struck and killed a man standing on the tracks in Palo Alto on Monday morning, halting commute trains through the area.



    SF Chronicle
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    The undulating exterior of the future Transbay Transit Center will likely not be the originally planned glass because of safety concerns, but officials say a metal skin could contain a math- or science-based pattern that would make it educational for visitors.

    SF Examiner
  • Marin County will gain about 33,000 new residents and add about 18,400 new jobs by the year 2040, according to the draft version of a Bay Area plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions through smarter land use....The plan calls for concentration of new development near transit and jobs. Communities that plan for denser development could be rewarded with more transportation funding, and the planning process will be linked to state housing mandates....But Marin County Supervisor Judy Arnold said she suspects the numbers contained in the new report need to be revised further.

    Marin Independent Journal
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    I sat on a table in the doctor's office, my aching and discolored right foot dangling over the edge...Then came the knock-out punch: no driving for six to eight months...

    Mercury News
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     Seventy-six years after building an extension of Highway 1 at Devils Slide, Caltrans is ready to shut down the landslide-prone coastal road forever and open a pair of state-of-the-art tunnels through a mountainside behind the precarious cliffs...The tunnels promise real improvement in the lives of people who reside and work on the coast.

    Oakland Tribune
  • zzairlinecancelations.jpg

    Visiting Tampa International Airport’s aquarium, taking a yoga class at the San Francisco International Airport or grabbing a burger at the soon-to-open Shake Shack in John F. Kennedy International Airport could well be a highlight of your summer vacation. Experts say that if anticipated air-traffic controller cuts come to pass, travelers will probably spend as much time waiting at the airport on a sunny day as they normally do during a snowstorm. The Federal Aviation Administration has said that the budget cuts under sequestration will force it to implement unpaid leaves for civilian air-traffic controllers. The agency predicts such cuts will spur flight delays of up to 90 minutes at busy airports, according to The Wall Street Journal.