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    European helicopter maker AgustaWestland has unveiled the world’s first electric tilt-rotor aircraft and says it has already made several flights. Like the more famous Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey, the new electric aircraft can take off and land like a helicopter, but fly like an airplane.

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    ...(R)esearchers from West Virginia University have a radical proposal for reducing that death toll – equip cars with devices that make it impossible to send a text message, check your favorite traffic app or dial home while the car is in motion. “Simply stated, handheld portable devices must be rendered unoperable whenever the automobile is in motion or when the transmission shaft lever is in forward or reverse gear,” they wrote in a Viewpoint essay in Wednesday’s edition of the Journal of the American Medical Assn. “Automobile and cell phone equipment manufacturers have the engineering capabilities to implement these safeguards and they should be required to do so.”

    LA Times
  • ..."Well, I think there are a lot of things that are all at play here. I think in one sense it's housing prices that drive people further away than they probably prefer to. In other cases, let's say people prefer to live in San Francisco and work in Silicon Valley, I think the phenomenon of the Google bus is a good example of that. I think in other cases the data shows that were talking about people both driving and taking public transit...."

  • Bus line extensions to Pier 70, bike-sharing stations, separated pedestrian pathways and transit hubs in the Dogpatch neighborhood are all part of a new Muni plan to improve transportation access to the rapidly growing Bay waterfront.

    SF Examiner
  • Facing a looming federal deadline for moving dirt, managers of California's bullet train project are trying to clear away legal and political impediments that threaten to delay the project.

    Sacramento Bee
  • More than $2.7 billion is needed to repair crumbling pavement on county roads and city streets over the next decade in Sonoma, Mendocino and Lake counties, a new report has found. Overall road conditions in the three counties are among the worst in the state, the survey showed.

    Santa Rosa Press-Democrat
  • I commute daily through the Caldecott Tunnel...Why is my commute coming home always longer time-wise than my commute going to work?

    Mercury News
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    Here's our takeaway from the Census Bureau's latest report on commute times: not much has changed in the past decade...The two tables below highlight the top metro areas for these super-long commutes. Note that the San Francisco metro has both the longest average travel time and average distance.

    Atlantic Cities
  • Was that a drone flying over metro New York Monday?..."The FAA is investigating a report...(the pilot) saw a small, unmanned or remote-controlled aircraft while on final approach to Runway 31 Right," FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown says in a statement quoted by CNN. "The sighting was approximately four to five miles (from) the airport at an altitude of approximately 1,500 feet."

    USA Today
  • ...By late morning (today), more than 1,200 flights had been canceled, almost all at Chicago's O'Hare and Midway airports. United Airlines, which has a big operation at Dulles, offered travelers the option of rescheduling trips without paying the usual change fees. Passengers holding tickets for flights Tuesday or Wednesday to or from 27 airports in seven states from Ohio to Maryland could avoid the fees and difference in fares by beginning rescheduled trips by next Monday.

    New York Times