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  • Here it is--the promised paving update for roads across the Bay Area. Repairs are planned for this section of 101 this spring. Caltrans wanted to do the work earlier, but cold nighttime temperatures delayed paving.

    Mercury News
  • Mineta San Jose International Airport deserves a break...This could be the year. One reason is the proposal by Signature Flight Support to develop a first-class generation aviation facility on the west side of the airport in partnership with Google's corporate travel arm, Blue City Holdings.

    Mercury News
  • Electric cars are at a fork in the road, with oblivion lying in one direction and the mass market in the other...At stake is $7.5 billion invested by the Obama administration, and billions more by automakers, who will put eight new models of plug-in vehicles on U.S. roads this year, including Ford and BMWNissan has invested $5 billion in electric cars and General Motors $1 billion.

    SF Chronicle
  • zzairportapp.jpg

    ...Everything about the modern airport is unpredictable, from the long-term parking lot situation, to the rental car shuttle to the check-in line. And so channeling all of our pent-up airport anger, we are in love with this idea: an app that would tell you when to leave for the airport, from any location, taking into account current travel time to get there, speed through the parking lot and airport shuttle, and real-time delays inside the terminal at the security checkpoint.

    Atlantic Cities
  • zzcontrails MODIS_.JPG

    When looking for evidence of humanity's hand in climate change, it's easy to spot the belchers of greenhouse gases sitting at eye level: snaking rivers of bumper-to-bumper cars, say, or vapor-shrouded smokestacks at power plants. Few people tend to look straight up, though, which if you had done it last Friday would've yielded a jittering mess of billowy streaks...

    Atlantic Cities
  • zzhybrids.jpg

    Despite incentives meant to encourage purchases of plug-in hybrid vehicles, the clean technology is still being underused in California, even in environmentally friendly San Francisco.

    SF Examiner
  • zzvolkswagen.jpg

    Volkswagen is going to make a futuristic car that actually looks futuristic. And the looks of the XL1 will match the hype as the world's most fuel-efficient production vehicle....It has been shown before as a concept, but Volkswagen surprised all Thursday by announcing that it will go into production.

    USA Today
  • zzFAAcuts.jpg

    Airlines and airports across the country are preparing for across-the-board federal budget cuts due to hit next week as if they were a hurricane, although with even less certainty about how many flights they will have to cancel and how many passengers will be stranded. The federal government is warning about delays that could begin in March, as the first cuts take effect, and reduced takeoffs and slower security lines that could worsen in April with furloughs.

    New York Times
  • ...Transportation Secretary Ray La Hood says the across the board reductions will require trimming $600 million this year form the Federal Aviation Administration. La Hood says that will require furloughing air traffic controllers, which in turn will reduce the ability to guide planes in and out of airports.

    New York Times
  • zzNHTSA-Connected-Cars.jpg

    The U.S. government, automakers and safety institutions have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into getting cars talking to each other through an ad hoc Wi-Fi network. It’s a large piece of a puzzle that could nearly eliminate car crashes, but an initiative from the FCC could put it in jeopardy. The FCC recently announced plans to open up previously restricted frequency spectra to general Wi-Fi use, although it was originally set aside for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications, along with use by government entities such as the FAA.