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  • One of the most important federal transit programs has undergone a makeover, and transit advocates are cheering the results.

  • To better survive the economic impact of big storms like Sandy, New York needs a “world class” bus rapid transit system. That’s one of the major recommendations in a report commissioned by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on how to rebuild New York infrastructure post-Sandy.

    Transportation Nation
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    Finding a parking spot is such a travail that Calvin Trillin once wrote a book about it. But with the debut this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas of a new navigation and parking service, such driver headaches could eventually go the way of the hitching post.

    New York Times
  • One hundred and fifty years ago, Sacramento launched the transcontinental railroad. Today, city leaders are seeking to become rail pioneers once again. They're tapping the transit-friendly Obama administration for hundreds of millions of dollars to help them build what they say will be a seamless, 21st-century regional rail network, on which passengers will move easily from streetcars to light-rail trains to Amtrak and – someday – to high-speed rail.

    Sacramento Bee
  • A ground-breaking study by UC Berkeley and MIT researchers has pinpointed a small group of drivers making Bay Area freeways miserable for the rest of us, though the reason may surprise you..."This has enormous potential," said study co-author Alex Bayen, a UC Berkeley professor...."These findings are going to come into practice in the near future. This is not just a scientific study."

    Contra Costa Times
  • Faced with a potential $296 billion shortfall over the next decade to maintain and expand California's aging highway and transit systems, Bay Area leaders are throwing their full support  behind an attempt to reduce the voter-approval threshold from two-thirds to 55 percent for transportation sales taxes.

    Mercury News
  • The Coast Guard is looking at human error as a possible explanation for an accident Monday in which an empty oil tanker sideswiped a tower of the Bay Bridge, officials said.

    SF Chronicle
  • Some people will do anything to get out of a traffic ticket. Jonathan Frieman, a 56-year-old San Rafael resident and self-described social entrepreneur, failed to convince a Marin County Superior Court jurist Monday after he argued that he was not alone when a California Highway Patrol officer pulled him over in October while driving in the carpool lane. Instead, Frieman admitted that he had reached onto the passenger's seat and handed the officer papers of incorporation connected to his family's charity foundation.

    SF Chronicle
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    In an unprecedented move for the auto industry, Ford is giving the system underpinning its Sync AppLink to any automaker who wants it, at no cost and with no restrictions on what they do with it. That would help automakers quickly and easily advance their infotainment systems, bring countless new developers into the automotive sector and provide consumers with more apps and options.

  • A new study of driving behavior across the country found that slightly more than 4 percent of adults admit to having fallen asleep at the wheel. Drowsy driving has a widespread impact on the nation’s highways, experts say. In 2009, an estimated 730 deadly motor vehicle accidents involved a driver who was either sleepy or dozing off, and an additional 30,000 crashes that were nonfatal involved a drowsy driver. 

    New York Times