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    Despite the stereotypes, suburban communities are now at the cutting edge of racial, ethnic and even political change in America. Racially integrated suburbs are growing faster than their white counterparts. Diverse suburban neighborhoods now outnumber those in their central cities by more than two to one.

    Atlantic Cities
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    ...A newly released set of maps takes this idea down to the neighborhood level – one specific neighborhood. In "Mission Possible," undergrad students in the Cartography and GIS Education Lab in UC Berkeley's Geography Department have created 22 maps exploring the Mission District in San Francisco. The maps offer a detailed look at geographical elements of the neighborhood, from the locations of cupcakes and gang territory to low-income housing, to the contaminated underground sites of former gas station storage tanks. The maps are now available as a printed atlas.

    Atlantic Cities
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    ...One of the most telling findings of the paper, published in the Journal of Consumer Research, is that just about everyone Bardhi and Eckhardt interviewed hopes to one day own their own car. In the meantime, they feel no sense of shared ownership over Zipcars. They aren’t particularly connected to each other and don’t want to be.

    Atlantic Cities
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    ...But there's a hidden factor in some decisions to ride or not to ride to work — or, if not quite hidden, at least overlooked by most statistical analyses of bike commuting — and that's the presence of office showers and changing facilities. In an upcoming issue of Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, Ralph Buehler of Virginia Tech quantifies just how important these seemingly small amenities can be.

    Atlantic Cities
  • ...The estimated $100 million project aims to bring 596 apartments, 22,000 square feet of retail and commercial space, 16,700 square feet of "commercial-residential flex space, a new bus station, 4,000 square feet of office space and a new five-level 948-space parging garage to the corner of Ygnacio Valley road and California Boulevard. All of this would be built within the 16.5-acre footprint of the current BART station, bus terminal and surrounding parking lots.

    Contra Costa Times
  • San Francisco Bay area officials will study a proposal to charge motorists a tax on every mile they drive in the nine-county region as a way to raise money for roads and public transit while reducing traffic and pollution from car emissions.

    AP/Contra Costa Times
  • When Evan Wilder went flying onto the pavement during his bicycle commute one morning here, he didn’t have time to notice the license plate of the blue pickup truck that had sideswiped him after its driver hurled a curse at him. Nor did a witness driving another car. But the video camera Mr. Wilder had strapped to his head caught the whole episode

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    There’s no shortage of devices that supposedly prevent drivers from talking or texting by blocking mobile phone signals or that alert parents and employers about the behavior. But the Cellphone Accident Preventer (CAP) from a trio of researchers at an Indian university takes preventing behind-the-wheel mobile phone use to a new Orwellian level by making distracted-driving indiscretions public – and automatically ratting them out to the police.

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    Researchers have long had high hopes for lithium-air batteries, a device that has the potential to store 10 times more energy than the best lithium-ion batteries on the market today. But so far, lithium-air batteries have been unstable, falling apart after a few charges. Now researchers report that they’ve made the first stable lithium-air batteries. 

    Science Now/Wired
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    Projects that restored major roadways in just weeks after extreme flooding, tackled crash-plagued insections to make citizens safer, and made deteriorating roadways both functional and beautiful were all recipients of top honors in the Mid America regional America's Transportation Awards competition.

    AASHTO Journal