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  • San Jose's arduous campaign to establish the first direct flight between Silicon Valley and Asia in more than six years highlights the obstacles regional airports face in luring more planes to terminals in an era of airline industry cost-cutting.

    Oakland Tribune
  • ...From AT&T Park south to the county line, long-idle grain silos, copra docks and cargo yards are being converted into public spaces designed to link the city's growing population with those years when San Francisco's bustling seaport ruled the West Coast....In recent years, the port has worked with the city's Recreation and Park Department to put bikeways, shoreline parks and wildlife areas on land it owns along the bay. Using money from the city's 2008 park bond and other sources, the port has provided open space to a part of the city where it's desperately needed, with more to come.

    SF Chronicle
  • zzbicycleschool.jpg

    The East Bay Bicycle Coalition is teaming with the city of Alameda and UC Berkeley to lead the way in a new kind of traffic school - for bicyclists....Bicycle Traffic School got its start in the East Bay on the UC Berkeley campus in 2011, after many bicyclists received tickets when the campus police department stepped up enforcement of "dismount zones" - areas on campus that require people to walk their bikes. 

    SF Chronicle
  •  ...One morning in 2010, Dave Muslovski was on his morning walk along a highway near Youngstown, Ohio, when he was hit by 19-year-old driver Whitney Yaeger. Muslovski was rushed to the hospital, but he died from severe internal injuries later that day. A week later, the family learned the cause of the accident that killed Muslovski: texting and driving....She was sentenced to just 45 days in jail.

    Rock Center/NBC News
  • ...Delta is seeking permission for its pilots to access the web‑based in-flight turbulence tool using the aircraft's Wi-Fi connection. The FAA, however, has prohibited the use of Wi-Fi devices on the flight deck when engines are operating for the purposes of flight in B737-700/800 aircraft.

    Puget Sound Business Journal
  •  Global greenhouse gas emissions will continue to rise this year, putting the world on track for long-term warming approaching 4 degrees Celsius, far above the 2-degree target, analysts at British bank HSBC said in a new report.

    EE News
  • ...The cars and trucks, which are much quieter than conventional gasoline or diesel vehicles, do not make enough noise at low speeds to warn walkers, bicyclists and the visually impaired, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said on Monday in a statement.

    New York Times
  •  Caltrans crews will begin widening a three-mile stretch of Interstate 880 in San Leandro later this month to add a southbound carpool lane and replace two overpasses. As a result, drivers will soon see nightly ramp and lane closures between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m.

    Oakland Tribune
  • londontube.jpg

     The London Underground celebrates its 150th birthday today, marking the anniversary of the first trip on the tube, between Paddington and Farringdon. The tube is arguably best known for its iconic map, created by Harry Beck in 1931 and adopted as the official map in 1933. Here’s a look at how the map evolved over time.

    Atlantic Cities
  • zzLAfreeway.png

    Los Angeles has a long history of major public works projects that never get built, but its next great transit project almost certainly will. The Sepulveda Pass Corridor, a 30-mile transit link between the city and the San Fernando Valley, received $1 billion in funding from voters back in 2008. With that much public money lined up the question is not whether or not the project will be realized — but what it will look like when it is.

    Atlantic Cities