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  • The cure to soothing the savage commuter – whether stuck in traffic or waiting for an overdue bus or train – could be staying connected to fellow travelers through social-networking apps....Data for the study was culled from two crowdsourced, commuter-targeted smartphone apps: Waze for in-car navigation and Roadify for public transit info. The data was primarily derived from features within the apps that allow users to share traffic information and publish comments about it.

  • ...The study, conducted by Dr. Motao Zhu of the West Virginia University School of Public Health, analyzed traffic data from 2008 and 2009 and found that males pedestrians are 2.3 times more likely to die after being hit by a vehicle....Though further study is necessary to pinpoint exact causes, Zhu already has a hypothesis: Though they’re walking the same amount as female pedestrians, males are engaging in riskier behavior that leads them to receive more severe injuries with a greater risk of fatality.

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    Perhaps not surprisingly, Caltrain’s $1.5 billion plan to transition away from diesel vehicles in favor of electrified tracks has garnered kudos from the Sierra Club....The Sierra Club looked at projects from across the nation in determining the best and worst planning proposals this year. A plan to widen freeway lanes in San Diego County was named one of the 25 worst projects.

    SF Examiner
  • New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission approved a pilot program on Thursday authorizing the use of smartphone apps to hail yellow taxis.

    New York Times
  • Yes, the Insider knows that the Bay Bridge toll plaza is not in San Francisco. But everyone who passes through there is headed to, or at least through, San Francisco, which is why you're reading about the big makeover planned for the toll plaza here.

    SF Chronicle
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    Indianapolis is aiming to become the first major U.S. city to replace its entire fleet with environmentally friendly vehicles, in a move the mayor said is aimed at reducing the nation's reliance on foreign oil. Mayor Greg Ballard signed an executive order Wednesday requiring the city to replace its nearly 500 non-police sedans with electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. The city also will work with the private sector to phase in snow plows, fire trucks and other heavy vehicles that run on compressed natural gas, and will ask automakers to develop a plug-in hybrid police car.

  • California officials overseeing construction of the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge agreed this year to pay a public relations company nearly $10 million for services the administration of Gov. Jerry Brown says it knew nothing about, including hundreds of thousands of dollars to conduct tours and produce a video and commemorative book. The administration said Wednesday that it has ordered the contract's cancellation...

    Contra Costa Times
  • With mass-transit fares about to go up — yet again, most New Yorkers would add wearily — this is a good time to pry a statistic out of the recesses of wonkdom where it usually huddles. It is called the farebox operating ratio, an unlovely phrase for calculating what riders pay out of their own pockets to keep a transit system going. If that ratio is high, then government support for rail and bus systems is relatively low. With the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, you may not be surprised to hear, the figure is appreciably higher than that for other big American cities.

    New York Times
  • ExxonMobil, the biggest investor-owned energy company in the world, released its annual outlook Tuesday in which it shared its outlook for energy supply and demand through 2040....The company predicts demand for transportation fuel will stay flat in Europe and decline in North America, but it will grow dramatically in the rest of the world....Hybrids will command more than half the world’s passenger car market by 2040 and conventional gasoline vehicles will make up about one-third of the market. Electric vehicle sales will grow quickly between 2025 and 2040, but still represent a small slice of the overall market. Drivers won’t adopt natural gas vehicles in a major way.

    Washington Post
  • State officials overseeing construction of the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge agreed this year to pay a public relations company nearly $10 million for services the Brown administration says it knew nothing about, including hundreds of thousands of dollars to conduct tours and to produce a video and commemorative book. The administration said Wednesday that it has ordered the contract's cancellation, after theCalifornia Department of Transportationprovided records of the contract to The Bee at the newspaper's request.

    Sacramento Bee