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    If you had been handed, a decade ago, a map of the U.S. and asked to predict where the novel idea of bike sharing—then limited to a few small-scale projects in a handful of European cities, might first find its firmest footing, you probably would have laid your money on a progressive hub like Portland or Seattle or the regional poles of walkable urbanism, New York or San Francisco...

  • Webcam company EarthCam has put together a time lapse of the San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge's eastern span rising over the past three-and-a-half years, a monumental engineering effort that's so far cost more than $6 billion.

    Atlantic Cities
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    ... Swedish researchers, led by Lauren Redman, in the latest issue of the journal Transport Policy, argue that basic levels of quality service and fleeting incentive programs aren't enough to convert habitual drivers into habitual riders. They conclude that the most effective way for transit systems to close the deal with drivers is to identify what they love about cars and bring those qualities to the experience of riding.

    Atlantic Cities
  • ...For years, LAX has offered electric-vehicle owners one of the most generous incentives of its kind in the country: free parking for 30 days in two of its terminal lots, which contain, altogether, 38 charging stations. The rule was meant to encourage people to buy greener cars, but lately it has turned the lots into a mob scene, with some electric-vehicle drivers circling the stations desperately for electricity or running extension cords while others hog the charging spaces for weeks at a time. Tension is rising between all-electric-car drivers, who say they actually need to charge their vehicles daily, and hybrid owners who can get away without doing so because their cars can run on gas as well.

    Wall Street Journal
  •  California's official carbon market kicked off this week with an uptick in trading, as businesses began accounting for their greenhouse gas emissions in earnest. No lawsuit against the program accompanied the official start date of Jan. 1, as many had anticipated. Instead, appetite for California's carbon allowances grew, reflecting confidence in the burgeoning, first-in-the-nation economywide greenhouse gas market, traders said.

    Climate Wire
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    ...Goodyear has developed a self-inflating tire technology intended to keep commercial truck tires at the proper pressure, saving fuel and reducing tread wear. The system, which Goodyear calls Air Maintenance Technology, automatically keeps tires inflated without the need for electronic controls or external pumps.

    New York Times
  •  Even on sunnuy days travelers flying to and from San Francisco International may see extra delays in 2013 as SFO shuts down some runways in January, April and June as part of a multiyear construction project. The delays are due to a federally required lengthening of runways intended to make air travel safer.

    Oakland Tribune
  • The ability to access a car quickly and give it back after a few hours is exploding in popularity among both college students and city dwellers.

    SF Chronicle
  • A 65-year-old tradition died quietly this weekend, when for the first time, San Francisco started requiring drivers throughout the city to feed parking meters on Sundays....The change could also discourage some people from driving on Sundays, perhaps nudging them onto mass transit instead. 

    SF Chronicle
  • If you can't beat 'em, buy 'em. That seems to be an increasingly popular mantra these days, and that's exactly what Avis will do, as the aging car-rental giant announced Wednesday morning that it plans to acquire Zipcar for $500 million

    Atlantic Cities