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  • ...Getaround was founded to get more vehicles off the road. “About 10 years of research conducted by Dr. Susan Shaheen, director of Transportation Sustainability Research Center at UC Berkeley, showed that sharing one vehicle takes nine to 13 off the road,” said Jessica Scorpio, founder and director of marketing. 

    LA Times
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    Vacant industrial land near salt marshes and a derelict rail bridge seem like an odd setting for the beginnings of a lifestyle revolution in scenic California, but planners in the San Francisco Bay suburb of Newark view it as just that.

  •  ...(W)hat is occurring at Oryx (in Qatar) is a particular kind of alchemy that has tantalized scientists for nearly a century with prospects of transforming the energy landscape. Sasol, a chemical and synthetic fuels company based in South Africa, is converting natural gas to diesel fuel using a variation of a technology developed by German scientists in the 1920s....Sasol executives say the company believes so strongly in the promise of this technology that this month, it announced plans to spend up to $14 billion to build the first gas-to-liquids plant in the United States, in Louisiana, supported by more than $2 billion in state incentives. A shale drilling boom in that region in the last five years has produced a glut of cheap gas, and the executives say Sasol can tap that supply to make diesel and other refined products at competitive prices.

    New York Times
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    ...The four-story-deep canyon planned by the MTA would travel through more than two busy city blocks of the financial district, which includes popular destinations such as the Westin Bonaventure Hotel, the Central Library and the City National Plaza office and retail complex. Predictably, this clash of potent forces — transportation and real estate — has spawned lawsuits that threaten to delay the project and potentially add millions to the cost.

    LA Times
  • No place in California stands to reap the rewards of high-speed rail more than the San Joaquin Valley. That is why the opposition of U.S. House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, R-Bakersfield, and Rep. Jeff Denham, R-Turlock, is so puzzling. At a one-sided House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing last Thursday – where the California High-Speed Rail Authority was not invited to testify – the two made it clear they want to kill future federal funding for high-speed rail in California.

    Sacramento Bee
  • ...When these new bik lanes were installed earlier this year and several streets had lanes for autos removed, I was flooded with complaints from drivers who said their commutes had increased 15 to 20 minutes. One of my bosses said his drive home at night was now "a disaster." But the griping has eased noticeably in recent weeks...

    Mercury News
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    ...Since taking effect in April 2011, average hourly rates have dropped by 14 cents from $2.73 to $2.59 at the 7,000 SFpark meters. Overall, 17 percent of those meters offer hourly rates of $1 or less — prices that are significantly cheaper than the ones offered at The City’s 22,000 older meters...Donald Shoup, a UCLA professor whose theories on parking were instrumental in developing the SFpark program, said he expected prices at meters to rise in the first year, given the demand for spaces in San Francisco. He said the drop in meter rates is proof that the agency is concerned about responsible parking management and not price-gouging policies.

    SF Examiner
  • Stung by another revelation about work on the new Bay Bridge, Gov. Jerry Brown's administration abruptly canceled Caltrans' $10 million consulting contract with the project's public affairs team eight months before the span opens to the traffic....Caltrans just doesn't get it: The Bay Bridge is different. It has always been different. It chews up standard procedures along with politicians and public agencies...

    Contra Costa Times
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    ...Researchers, observing pedestrians in Seattle, found that nearly one in three people crossing the street at high-risk intersections was distracted by use of a mobile device. Only one in four followed the full safety routine of looking both ways, obeying the lights, and crossing at the appropriate point, the study found....Texters were four times less likely to look before crossing, obey lights or cross at the appropriate place.

    Seattle Times
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    Ask any Greek - there are scores of reasons to avoid the country's trains. The system is old and crumbling, with creaky cars and a patchy rail network that skips some towns altogether.

    Atlantic Cities