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  •  Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced Friday that $470 million in unspent earmark money would be made available to states for transportation projects, but it's unclear how many jobs the funds would create in an economy suffering from stubbornly high unemployment...."The transportation community is desperately underfunded," said Daniel Sperling, director of theInstitute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis. "Any money will help."

    Sacramento Bee
  • Early this morning, a 34-year-old woman was riding her bike in Antioch when a truck struck and killed her. The driver stopped at the scene of the crash and called 911....In Santa Rosa, police are looking for a driver who allegedly chased a cyclist onto a golf course Wednesday afternoon.

    Bay Citizen
  • The Army Corps of Engineers has more than a dozen dredging vessels working the Mississippi this summer. Despite being fed by water flowing in from more than 40 percent of the United States, the river is feeling the ruinous drought affecting so much of the Midwest. Some stretches are nearing the record low-water levels experienced in 1988, when river traffic was suspended in several spots.

    New York Times
  • US air traffic control NATS has been approached by countries next in line to stage the Olympic Games for advice after the success of airspace management and security during London 2012. NATS handled significant levels of extra traffic during the Games in some of its sectors while reducing delays by 95 per cent when compared to the same period in 2011.

    Air Traffic Management.net
  • The City Council is considering an ordinance that would ease requirements on the number of spaces developers must include. Would it work, or just mean chaos?...Relaxing the rules would allow developers to build in places where it's currently difficult because of a lack of space for parking. That could have the effect of revitalizing economic dead zones. The parking districts, which would be designated by the City Council, might encourage foot traffic and transit use.

    LA Times
  • The Obama administration announced today it is making more than $470 million in unobligated earmark funds availble to states for transportation infrastructure projects.

    AASHTO Journal
  • zzcarsinging.jpg

    Researchers at Monash University in Australia recently published an article in the journalAccident Analysis and Prevention that looks at how driving abilities differ between people who are driving and singing, driving while listening to music, or driving with no music. 

    Atlantic Cities
  • Beginning next month, new cars equipped with so-called black boxes — instruments that record crash information — must meet certain criteria for categories of data captured, accuracy and crash survivability. But the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is still working on a rule that would require all new cars sold to contain the devices in the first place.

    New York Times
  • zzcitibike.jpeg

    Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said on Friday that the city’s much-heralded bike share program will not begin until next spring, ending weeks of speculation about the program’s fate and dashing cyclists’ hopes of seeing the city’s newest public travel alternative this year.

    New York Times
  • 628x471.jpg

    As state lawmakers contemplate an independent inspection of the new Bay Bridge tower foundation, construction crews are beginning what might be called the Big Lift - a major step in building the $6.3 billion east span, scheduled to open by Labor Day 2013. Workers on Tuesday began the three-month process of lifting the 35,200-ton bridge decks from the temporary steel trestles on which they were assembled onto the tower and main suspension cable that will cradle and support the suspension span. As they started work, a state Senate committee grilled Caltrans over media allegations of irregularities in concrete inspections for the tower's foundations.

    SF Chronicle