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    For the second year in a row, California Governor Jerry Brown issued a last-minute veto of legislation mandating a minimum three-foot distance for motor vehicles to pass cyclists. However, two other bills making it easier for cities to implement bike lanes got the governor’s signature, albeit in watered-down form: AB 2245, which exempts bike lanes from excessive review under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and AB 819, which establishes a Caltrans experimentation process for adopting currently non-standard innovative bike lane designs, like physically protected bike lanes.

  •  The Port of Los Angeles should be commended for going back to the drawing board and re-examining portions of a controversial 153-acre railyard that promises to relieve the area of air pollution and traffic congestion....The proposed $500 million facility would allow trucks to load cargo containers on trains located closer to the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, rather than having to haul the goods all the way to a railyard closer to downtown Los Angeles.

    Long Beach Press-Telegram
  • California's bullet train won little support from congressional hopefuls from the Sacramento region Sunday, with just one of five congressional candidates participating in an election forum vowing to vote for federal funding for the project.

    Sacramento Bee
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    In January, the world’s first hydrogen-powered autorickshaws took to the road on the grounds of Pragati Maidan, the sprawling exposition center on the Indian capital’s east side....The body is adapted to carry a tank of hydrogen gas; the motor and its injection system have been modified, and an electronic control system has been installed, developed by researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi....Though the initial fleet is modest, as many as a million hydrogen vehicles could be on India’s roads by 2020, said Bibek Bandopadhyaya, an adviser to the Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

    New York Times
  • ...Carpooling is the new rage in Europe, the New York Times reports this morning, where Paris-based BlaBlaCar and Munich's Carpooling.com are "global leaders in ride-sharing." The companies claim more than 6 million combined users (some overlap is probable), and their growth has even attracted the attention of Silicon Valley investors. 

    Atlantic Cities
  • Nature doesn’t normally present the kind of opportunity that "Carmageddon" did in Los Angeles last year, an opportunity to catch a glimpse of atmosphere that’s typically saturated with pollutants on a suddenly pristine day.... Air quality near the normally busy highway improved by 83 percent that day last July, relative to comparable weekends.  

    Atlantic Cities
  •  Big city downtowns are becoming people places – again or, for some, for the first time. New figures [PDF] out from the U.S. Census Bureau show that downtown areas saw huge jumps in population between 2000 and 2010. 

    Atlantic Cities
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    Drivers in Los Angeles kill pedestrians and bicyclists at a significantly higher rate than drivers nationally, according to a study by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. In Los Angeles, pedestrians accounted for about a third of all traffic fatalities, or nearly triple the national average of 11.4%. About 3% of the fatalities were bicyclists. That compares with 1.7% nationally....The numbers are even worse in urban New York, where 49.6% of traffic fatalities were pedestrians and 6.1% were bicyclists.

    LA Times
  • At least 20 people were injured Monday when a big rig truck struck an Amtrak train in unincorporated Kings County, authorities said.

    SF Chronicle
  • Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg rode the Staten Island Ferry, which has the distinction of being one of the few forms of public transportation in New York that is free to its users. At the press conference to announce the world’s largest ferris wheel (plus additional parking!) near the ferry terminal in St. George, the mayor was asked for his thoughts on transportation. 

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