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    China—especially its cities—has embraced sustainable transport in a big way. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently urged Chinese cities to increase the number of travelers using non-motorized transportation to at least 50 percent by 2015. 

    World Resources Institute
  • Airbus and its air traffic management subsidiaries, together with systems integration company EADS Cassidian, said they will participate as industry partners in seven European flight trials set to begin early next year through 2014 under the direction of the Single European Sky ATM Joint Undertaking (SesarJU).

    Ain Air Transport Perspective
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    ...Traffic situations may trigger in us primal instincts that evolved in humans to promote survival, so that we can protect ourselves against threats, experts say. The "aggressive, combative, competitive frame for driving" may be linked to our evolutionary past, but it could have implications for cardiovascular disease, says David Strayer, a psychology professor at the University of Utah.

  • State regulators celebrated the results of California's first-ever auction of greenhouse gas emission permits Monday, saying the long-awaited kickoff to the nation's first carbon marketplace was a success. A ton of carbon sold for $10.09, just slightly above the $10 floor price established by regulators.

    Mercury News
  • Dan and Ben Miller began tugging two years ago at a simple question they believe is central to the failings of the American real estate industry....Why couldn’t people in the community invest in real estate right next door? Why couldn’t the Millers raise money to purchase a property on H Street from the very people who live there? 

    Atlantic Cities
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    Have you ever heard of the 85 percent rule in traffic engineering? I hadn’t until I tried to get the speed limit lowered on my residential street, which is home to a K-8 elementary school in Cleveland’s Detroit Shoreway neighborhood. hat’s when the local traffic engineer explained to me that the 35 mph speed limit — which, in effect, means drivers can go 45 with impunity — was appropriate for my street because 15 percent of drivers exceed 35 mph. 

    Streetsblog Network
  •  Congestion pricing pencils out for those who want to travel faster. And it takes some of the burden of funding transit off the poor.

    Los Angeles Times
  • Port of Oakland workers will strike Monday night at Oakland International Airport's Terminal 1. On Tuesday, picketers will target both the airport and the port.

    Oakland Tribune
  • Hoping to chip away at its reputation for being a tough place to start a business, Sacramento has embraced a plan that business owners will cheer, but some drivers may jeer.

    Sacramento Bee
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    Building a modern-day tunnel in one of the country’s most active seismic zones starts with...four engineering experts, a Caltrans spokesperson, a week of data-filled emails, and a lengthy exploration of who’s missing and what they’d say if they were sitting at the same table....In an earthquake — even The Big One — the all-new fourth bore of the Caldecott Tunnel might be the safest spot in the San Francisco Bay Area.