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  • Transpotation Sustainability Research Center Co-Director Susan Shaheen and LBNL's Jeffrey Greenblatt comment on These Researchers think we're nearing 'peak car' - and consequences could be dramatic for the Washington Post.

    Washington Post
  • Transportation Sustaianbility Research Center report Shared Mobility: Current Practices and Guiding Principles and work with the US DOT highlighted.


  • Susan Shaheen, co-director of UC Berkeley’s Transportation Sustainability Research Center talks about the future of transit with Next City.

    Next City
  •  The future of transportation could very well be unrecognizable compared with today’s system: self-driving pods packed with carpoolers, electric motors, multi-modal journeys, invisible conversations between machines. But that’s the future. And while some of these things are beginning to creep into society, Susan Shaheen isn’t ready to fly the banner of the future just yet.

    Government Technology
  •  Otto, a self-driving truck startup acquired by Uber last month, aims to make the transportation of goods safer and more efficient. Highlighting the ultimate challenge of Otto's strategy, Steven Shladover, a research engineer and manager at Berkeley's California Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology Program (PATH), says: "The consequences of a software bug causing a 40-ton truck to veer out of control are far worse than the consequences of a similar bug on a two-ton car, which is likely to be terrifying for the general public and their elected representatives, who oversee the safety regulators."

    MIT Technology Review
  •  Transportation Sustainability Research Cetner Co-Director Susan Shaheen talks about Mobility and the Sharing Economy to Infinite Earth Radio.

    Infinite Earth Radio
  • Transportation Sustainability Research Center Co-Director Susan Shaheen talks to Time Magazine about Google Is Driving a Blurry Line With Waze Carpool Pilot.

  • Transportation Sustainability Research Center Co-Director Susan Shaheen talks about rife sharing serives regarding how the city of Centennial thinks it can triple the ridership of its existing dial-a-ride service.

    City Lab
  •  Transportation Sustainbiity Research Center Co-Director Susan Shaheen comments on Pittsburgh welcoming Uber’s first autonomous ride-sharing vehicles this month.

    City Lab
  •  Ching-Yao Chan, program manager of Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology, talks about safety in self-driving cars for Salon.