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    Sao Paulo Mayor Fernando Haddad’s plan to re-engineer South America’s biggest city has succeeded so far in unifying voters: They want him out. Bike lanes, new rules for drivers, tighter building laws and higher taxes -- all intended to make the metropolis of 12 million more livable -- sent the former university professor’s approval rating to as low as 15 percent in a July poll.

    Bloomberg News
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     ...Next month, Toyota and Grenoble will launch a program giving residents access to two of the weirder vehicles built in recent memory. Through the Cité Lib by Ha:Mo (harmonious mobility) system, Toyota is providing 70 EVs that can be rented for short periods of time. Like bike sharing, the idea is to give people a way to get from public transit stations to their destinations, covering the “last mile” so they don’t feel the need to take their car.

  • ...After an often arduous trek through security, "what awaits us is a hot, dirty and crowded plane,'' says Person-Goral, a member of USA TODAY's panel of frequent travelers known as Road Warriors. "Flying today is the equivalent of traveling via Greyhound bus in the 1970s.''

    USA Today
  • ...Jeff Stefanis and Amber Wason, graduates of Georgetown University and George Washington University, respectively, are the founders of Riide, a company making a hybrid electric bike for urban commuters...During a visit to China, Stefanis saw that electric bikes were helping alleviate some of those problems in cities abroad, and he and Wason started trying to figure why such two-wheelers hadn’t caught on in the United States.

    Washington Post
  • The all-electric version of Kia’s most popular vehicle will start at $33,700 when it goes on sale in October. That price doesn’t include destination or any state or federal tax credits or incentives. Buyers in California could lop off $2,500 for the state’s electric-vehicle rebate, and up to $7,500 for a federal tax credit, depending on their income, pushing the price as low as $23,700. 

    LA Times
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    ...It's easy to see why driving in Delhi is so often compared to a video game, and why there are so many accidents. But the Delhi Traffic Police are trying to improve the situation—by tweeting snappy rhymes reminding drivers to be alert and safe at every turn.

  • ...San Francisco transportation officials are considering reviving a tactic last used 27 years ago to get traffic moving during the evening commute. The campaign, which would target particularly troublesome intersections - most likely downtown and South of Market - is known as "Don't Block the Box."

    SF Chronicle
  • There's no fast and easy way to get 70,799 people in and out of any stadium, but the 49ers gave it their best try Sunday night for their first regular-season game at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara.

    SF Chronicle
  • Bay Area Bike Share, the ubiquitous big blue bikes that are visible all over The City, has a problem. When its hardware and software provider, PBSC Urban Solutions, filed for bankruptcy protection late last year, the bike share's expansion plans to bring more bikes to new neighborhoods and surrounding areas were frozen. Furthermore, Alta Bicycle Share, which under the contract handles business with PBSC Urban Solutions operations and maintenance for the program, is also up for sale, adding to the turmoil.

    SF Examiner
  • This afternoon, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx will announce the latest round of TIGER grantsawarding $600 million among 72 transportation projects in 46 states and the District of Columbia. You can see all TIGER grants to date or just the latest round — TIGER VI — in this map from Transportation for America.

    USA Streetsblog