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    As soon as California leaders began talking about a high-speed rail project, we booked a seat in the skeptics' car, which is reserved for anyone familiar with Amtrak's long and tortured history....Three months ago, the California High Speed Rail Authority estimated ridership from San Francisco to Los Angeles at 55 million a year. One month later, the estimate was reduced to 41 million, which, for all you mathematicians, represents a 25 percent change of heart. 

    Contra Costa Times
  • Bay Area park and transportation officials will host a public workshop from 5 to 9 p.m. Thursday night in Oakland about planning a new waterfront park near the base of the new east span of the Bay Bridge....A nine-agency group called the Gateway Park Working Group wants public help in developing a vision for the West Oakland park, which is expected to open after the new east span is finished in 2013. The recreation area will provide a scenic backdrop for the bridge, and a place for public access to the shoreline, the Bay Trail and a hiking and bicycling lane on the east span.

    Contra Costa Times
  • Samer Madanat

    ITS Director SAMER MADANAT describes the Institute and its centers, as well as the issues involved in bringing high-speed rail to the Golden State. The lengthy interview with Madanat appeared in Alstom Transport's annual magazine, AT. Alstom is a large, French transport conglomerate.

    Alstrom Transport Magazine
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    A message appearing on electronic freeway signs around the county in the past week wasn’t supposed to cause road rage. To the state agencies that posted the message, its suggestion “Share the road. Look twice for motorcyclists” seemed helpful, especially with spring weather bringing out more bikers....About a dozen callers angrily complained that it wasn’t their job to watch out for motorcyclists who speed, double up in lanes with cars or otherwise ride aggressively.

    San Diego Union-Tribune
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     The sense of disarray in the global effort to address climate change deepened Thursday with the resignation of Yvo de Boer, the stolid Dutch bureaucrat who led the international climate change negotiations over four tumultuous years.

    New York Times
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    One after the other, the motorists were caught blatantly violating the law. One after the other, they tried to talk their way out of it with elaborate diversionary narratives....Though his cellphone registered an outgoing call, the man in the Mitsubishi L200 Animal claimed that he had merely answered the phone, almost as an afterthought, as he rounded a traffic circle.

    New York Times
  • A committee of academics working with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration released a preliminary copy of the report Friday morning at the Flight Path Learning Center near LAX....The panel said that while other proposals -- including widening the distance between the two north runways -- might make the airport runways safer, "the risk is so low, reducing that risk by a substantial percentage is of limited practical importance.”

    LA Times
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    Merchants in the Ferry Building Marketplace fear their businesses will suffer after plans were dumped to add parking spaces to the adjacent plaza...Ferry Building merchants on Thursday expressed anger about the decision to dump plans for new parking, saying the additional 65 spaces would have benefited the boutique grocers, butchers and other nearby businesses.

    SF Examiner
  • The months-long wait for the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to issue a final implementation rule on positive train control (PTC) ended for U.S. railroads on Jan. 12. Now, the 30 roads affected by the federal PTC mandate — including the Class Is, Amtrak and 22 commuter railroads — have a few months to pore over the rule and ensure their implementation plans comply before they submit them to the FRA by the April 16 deadline.

    Progressive Railroading
  • The coming convergence of how we communicate and how we travel is spawning technologies that will change how we get around and make transportation safer and more efficient. The promise of vehicles communicating with each other and with the road, coupled with advancements in transportation infrastructure, has planners, technocrats and futurists creating an Intelligent Transportation System.