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    Muni operators resoundingly rejected on Tuesday a package of negotiated labor concessions intended to save nearly $15 million in operating expenses over two years - money intended to stop a proposed increase in discounted passes for seniors, youth and the disabled and to blunt service cuts, according to the agency's top official.

    SF Chronicle
  • The Guangzhou-to-Wuhan train is just one of 42 high-speed lines recently opened or set to open by 2012 in China. By comparison, the United States hopes to build its first high-speed rail line by 2014, an 84-mile route linking Tampa and Orlando, Fla.

    New York Times
  • This winter, carriers have increasingly chosen not to gamble and are canceling flights before snow begins to fall. They can then communicate with passengers earlier to allow them to change their plans without penalty, possibly getting out of town before bad weather arrives or skipping a trip altogether....Though the airlines lose money when they cancel flights, they can potentially lose more if they keep flying and risk having snowbound crews and planes out of place once the storm passes.

    New York Times
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    As the price tag climbs into the billions and commuters face re-routes and higher tolls, the Bay Bridge rebuild is crawling along, beset by cost overruns, largely because of the complicated and untested design of a short but visually striking stretch of the 4.5-mile crossing....The eastern span, on the other hand, is being replaced — and the project is running a decade behind schedule and up to $4 billion over budget compared with 2001 estimates, according to the project’s latest financial update.

    SF Examiner
  • Public transit advocates are all but dancing in the aisles of public transit following a ruling that yanked $70 million in federal funding away from the controversial Oakland Airport Connector and led to moribund local transit agencies being showered with manna from Washington.

    SF Weekly
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     If electric cars have any future in the United States, this may be the city where they arrive first. The San Francisco building code will soon be revised to require that new structures be wired for car chargers. Across the street from City Hall, some drivers are already plugging converted hybrids into a row of charging stations.

    The New York Times
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    Starting Wednesday, an offramp that connects motorists from Park Presidio Boulevard to Doyle Drive will be shut down for three years, the second long-term street closure in a month involving the $1.1 billion project to rebuild the southern approach to the Golden Gate Bridge.

    SF Examiner
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    The sails, made of carbon composite materials, would more closely resemble aircraft wings than the canvas rigging of standard sailboats. They wouldn't eliminate the need for an engine.

    SF Chronicle
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    In some corridors, 'high-speed' rail won't be much faster than trains in the 1930s. On Thursday the Obama administration awarded $8 billion in stimulus funds to plan and build high-speed rail projects in California and Florida, and for other routine passenger-rail projects masquerading as high-speed rail. This is a political plum to the states that will receive the money.

    Wall Street Journal
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    The Northern California Rail and Port Truckers Association had called for the work stoppage after hundreds of drivers were prevented from entering the port's marine terminals Tuesday, the deadline to comply with new state air-quality rules.