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  •  Driverless cars were a hot topic at Davos this week, and the consensus of participants was that the phenomenon is well on its way however unprepared public policy is to manage the sea change. "There's a lot of cities talking as we speak," says Susan Shaheen, co-director of Berkeley's Transportation Sustainability Research Center. "You're probably going to hear more really soon

    New York Times
  • With California's goal of having a third of its electricity come from renewable sources by the end of 2020, and half by 2030, electric vehicles have gained quite a bit of traction. For civil and environmental engineering professor Arpad Horvath, biofuels could also be part of the solution, but not in the immediate future. "The existing biofuel production system is unsustainable, the future will have to be based on plant waste or household waste or some other waste materials," he says. "We're still figuring out the best way to turn them into biofuels at scale," he added.

  •  KQED News discusses Transportation Sustainability Research Center's new study on carsharing with the NRDC.

  •  Transportation Sustainabiity Research Center Co-director Susan Shaheen talks to the San Francisco Chronicle about new bus apps.

    San Francisco Chronicle
  •  Transportation Sustainability Research Center Co-director Susan Shaheen talks to the Pew Charitable Trust about ride sharing policy: How Should Uber Be Regulated? 

    Pew Charitable Trust
  • Samveg Saxena leads 1 of 7 award-winning projects (vehicle-to-grid simulator) at Berkeley Lab.

    The Daily Californian
  •  Transportation Sustainability Research Center Co-director Susan Shaheen talks to USA Today about ride sharing in "City of the future is closer, calmer than you think."

    USA Today
  • Transportation Sustainability Research Center joins with Natural Resources Defense Council to study the environmental impact of ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft.

    The Verge
  •  Alexei Pozdnukhov talks to Fortune Magazine about the Berkeley/Caltrans, AT&T study using cell data to build very detailed maps of Californians' driving habits.

    Fortune Magazine
  • Transportation Sustainability Research Center Timothy Lipman talks to the Vancouver Sun about the market for electric busses.

    Vancouver Sun