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    Join ITS Berkeley at the Transportation Research Board 95th Annual Meeting for a memorial session in honor of Professor William L. Garrison. The session, JBU16-0001, will take place on Monday Jan. 11, from 5-6 pm in room 151B of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

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     Arpad Horvath commented on smart cities on the occasion of the historic COP21 agreement in Paris for Physics World. He says that stopping rising global temperatures through curbing carbon emissions will necessitate a fundamental rethink of our urban infrastructures.

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    Members of the ITS Berkeley community will be represented at 59 sessions at the Transportion Research Board 95th Annual Meeting Jan. 10-14, 2016.


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    See what the Instittute for Transportation Studies has been up to in the last 10 years and see what we have planned for the future in our new book.


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    Karen Trapenberg Frick emphasizes the importance of finding any areas of common ground in order to advance policy. In the course of the author’s political planning research, both sides of an argument could always agree on something. 

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    Susan Shaheen and Elliot Martin surveyed bikesharers in four major cities to see how their travel behavior changed over the course of time. They discovered that, besides biking more, bikesharers also drive less and own fewer vehicles. In addition, bikesharing serves as an important first- and last-mile connector for public transit.

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     Raja Sengupta and Joan Walker try to get people to walk, bike, and take transit more through a new program, Quantified Traveler. With this program, respondents were able to track their travel behavior and compare it with the behavior of their peers and the national average. The authors found that awareness of one’s habits, especially in comparison to others, leads to reduced driving distances and changed respondents’ attitudes towards travel.

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    Learn2Launch Innovation and Entrepreneurship students received their diplomas Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2015, at the Residence of France in San Francisco, from ITS director Alexandre Bayen and Learn2Launch Faculty Executive Director Mark Coopersmith, with Consul of France in San Francisco, Pauline Carmona.


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    Prynt, a San Francisco-based startup founded by two graduates of a Berkeley Engineering entrepreneurship program, is bringing instant print photography to smartphones. The grads designed a smartphone case equipped with a built-in mini-printer, for printing digital photos on the go.

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    ITS affiliate Dan Chatman explores the effect of rail proximity on people’s travel habits at UCCONNECT's ACCESS magazine. When all other factors were considered (bus access, job and population density, housing type, etc.), rail access had no effect on auto ownership. What did have an effect? Parking availability.