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    Robert Harley, an affiliated ITS faculty member and an expert on air quality and air pollution modeling, has been appointed the Carl W. Johnson Professor in Civil Engineering Chair by Chancellor Nicholas Dirks. He is known for using the Caldecott Tunnel as a research laboratory to measure types and levels of vehicle emissions.

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    TSRC Co-Director Susan Shaheen recently led a panel discussion on the rapidly evolving phenomenon of the so-called sharing economy as it relates to transportation. She and two TSRC researchers provided a brief description of the event.


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    The latest issue of ACCESS includes an article by Karen Trapenberg Frick on the history of designing the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge and why it turned into a megaproject, as well as an examination of LA's famous "Carmegeddon" by former ITS Director Martin Wachs and Brian Taylor."


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    SafeTREC founder and director David Ragland is profiled in an article entitled "Safe Routes to School Examined: How Structural Changes Around Schools Affect Children's Mobility and Safety," published by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.



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    After nine years as director of ITS, Samer Madanat, chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, will pass the baton at the end of June to Alexander Bayen, associate professor of the UC Berkeley Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. The Institute is in its 66th year.


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    ITS professor Dan Chatman has co-authored a new paper for the London School of Economics and Political Science that finds public transportation increases employment in central city areas and leads to higher wages in those areas totaling between $1.5 million and $1.8 billion yearly depending on the city. 


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    Francesco Borrelli, an associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, is the newest faculty member to join the roster of ITS affiliated faculty. His research involves improving and refining the interaction between drivers and their automobiles as vehicles become more autonomous.


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    Paul Waddell, a UC Berkeley city planning professor with a penchant for conducting research with what he calls his “big urban data,” is putting his work to a real-world test in San Francisco via his high-tech startup “Synthicity.” 


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    Malcolm Dougherty, the director of Caltrans, told transportation faculty, researchers, and students that Caltrans must embrace new technologies and new options for mobility including transit, user-based fees, bicycling and walking to meet the needs of the state's growing population. 


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    Transportation faculty, staff and research engineers at UC Berkeley hosted an historic workshop last month that included federal and state transportation experts to tackle congestion on the state's most congested urban corridors.