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    ITS associate professors Raja Sengupta and Joan Walker combine behavioral theory and smartphone technology to improve transportation modeling and planning. Their Quantified Traveler app, described in the Berkeley Engineer, provides the data.


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    ITS students and faculty design a "transit orientation" plan for Los Angeles, delve into the complex reasons for flight delays, and develop a model to improve future transportation needs by taking into account human nature.

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    If the UC Berkeley campus were a transit system with its footpaths as lines and its buildings as stops, what would it look like?  ITS student Dan Howard shows us. And he created a t-shirt with the campus-as-subway plan that anyone can order--until Jan. 31.


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    Asking all commuters to cut back on rush-hour driving reduces traffic congestion somewhat, but asking specific groups of drivers to stay off the road may work even better. Not all drivers contribute uniformly to congestion, says Alexandre Bayen, who co-authored a new study on congestion. 


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    Real-time social networking among commuters can improve the overall commuting experience and improve traffic management, according to a study conducted in San Jose, Ca. in partnership with Ericsson, the City of San Jose's Department of Transportation and the University of California's Mobile Millennium team.



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    Shared-use vehicle systems continue to find customers. As of October 2012, carsharing was operating in 27 countries and on five continents, according to the Transportation Sustainability Research Center, which recently released an overview of its recent research in this area.


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     Representatives of high-speed rail systems from Europe and Taiwan met with UC Berkeley transportation, public policy and planning faculty in a daylong symposium to discuss a variety of complex issues bound to emerge as the megaproject goes forward. 


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    Bill Satariano, a professor of epidemiology and community health, discussed the health and well-being of the growing aging population at a recent SafeTREC seminar, and outlined an "integrated mobility agenda" based on the experiences of older adults. Listen to the seminar by clicking on Recordings


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    Professors Adib Kanafani and Carl Monismith are among 26 engineering alumni to be inducted into the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering's Academy of Distinguished Alumni on November 8 at the University Club in the renovated UC Berkeley Memorial Stadium. 


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    The former chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee tells students and faculty that America is losing its competitive edge in the world because its leaders will not commit to investing in its transportation infrastructure.