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    The Rail~Volution conference will be holding a special session on Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2-5 p.m. in San Francisco with Cal alumni and Professor Emeritus Robert Cervero participating on High Speed rail in California. 


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    Last week was a momentous occasion for the Federal government; they announced the first Federal Automated Vehicles policy governing the manufacture and sale of self-driving cars and ITS Berkeley was there to help.


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    The City of San Francisco has partnered with the University of California, Berkeley to join the MetroLab Network, who is committed to solving urban challenges with new technology and policy approaches. The partnership will primarily focus on transportation and mobility.

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    For the academic year 2016-2017, Tech Transfer is rolling out its newly expanded pavement training series, which will cover topics from preliminary design all the way through to long-term maintenance.


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    During the summer of 2016, in the second phase of a Caltrans-sponsored study, the UCPRC investigated the effects of pavement structural response (the bending under load phenomenon), along with verifying models for roughness and texture.


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    Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology's Connected Corridors I-210 Pilot project is featured as part of the SCAG’s final 2016 RTP/SCS, which was federally approved in early June of this year. See page 88.

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    This year’s bid by San Francisco and UC Berkeley to win the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge failed, but the momentum generated by the collaboration has resulted in an agreement between the city and the university to continue to explore innovative urban transportation options, and ways that technology can improve city life in general. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks signed a memo of understanding Sept. 2 to develop and test new programs to improve urban life for the residents of San Francisco and ultimately cities around the country and world.

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     As companies contemplate putting self-driving cars on our city streets, driverless trucks on our freeways and autonomous delivery drones overhead, UC Berkeley engineers are embarking on a major project to improve the safety of these vehicles and how they interact with humans.

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    Gearing up for an exciting Bridge SF 2016 conference, ITS Berkeley and TSRC teamed up to host a Disrupting Mobility Hackathon at the ITS Library Sept. 3-4, 2016 to explore how Shared Automated Electric and Connected (SECA) vehicles will impact the way people and goods move within a city.

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    You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out why UC Berkeley has designated parking areas for Nobel Laureates: if there's one thing harder to snag than a Nobel prize, it's a parking space on a UC campus. Car sharing programs on campus could be a part of the solution. Researchers at the TSRC joined with Zipcar to ask people at universities across the U.S. and Canada how car sharing programs influenced their behavior.