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     Beginning in 2017, CEE Professor Kenichi Soga will be the co-lead of a new journal launched by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). The journal, Smart Infrastructure and Construction, will provide a forum for documenting changes caused by the global adoption of emerging digital technology in the design, construction and management of infrastructure assets.

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    UC Berkeley professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Claire Tomlin has been selected to receive the 2017 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Transportation Technologies Award, which recognizes advances in technologies applied in transportation systems.



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    Karen Trapenberg Frick, Adjunct Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning, Paul Waddell, Professor of City and Regional Planning, and David Weinzimmer, recent Transportation Engineering Master of Science/Master of City Planning alumnus‘s article has been named to the Urban Studies top five shortlist for best article of the year. 

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    Four undergraduates from CEE capstone design class, CE 153: Transportation Facility Design, placed second at the 2015-2016 Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) University Design Competition for Addressing Airport Needs.

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     While the new Bay Bridge is finally functional, it stands more as a symbol of dysfunction than anything else. From the start it seemed born under a bad sign, down since it began to crawl—like, if it wasn’t for bad luck, it wouldn’t have no luck at all. Karen Trapenberg Frick weighs in on the conversation.

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     Remember pneumatic tubes, those compressed-air pipelines that whisked plastic canisters from basement mailrooms to penthouse boardrooms? Imagine being in one, traveling at more than 700 mph. You could make the round-trip from San Francisco to LA in a little over an hour. That may sound like science fiction, but it could one day be a reality thanks to the efforts of engineering students at UC Berkeley and elsewhere.

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     Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Samveg Saxena has developed a new app, MyGreenCar, that allows drivers to virtually test drive green vehicles so they can decide what's best for them.

  • Susan Shaheen

    Miss the Smart Cities Final Pitch live stream on June 9? Watch San Francisco's pitch video here, with Transportation Sustainbility Research Center Co-Director Susan Shaheen.


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    Berkeley Hyperloop (bLoop) team members have been invited to build a working prototype of their design for a futuristic vision of a mass transit system in which people board pressurized capsules to zing through reduced-pressure tubes on rails of air. The team has set up shop at the Richmond Field Station and is working toward launching a pod on a test track in Hawthorne, California this August.

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    PATH's Steven Shladover began pioneering automated transportation in the 1980s. He believes that a seamless, autonomous transportation network is still decades away. However, recent advances in engineering and computer science have demonstrated that automated driving can dramatically improve the safety, efficiency, and availability of transportation, bringing this futuristic scenario a little closer to reality.