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BAIR/BDD Fall Workshop

Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Center and Berkeley DeepDrive held their Fall Workshop Dec. 3-4, 2019 with many sessions on new research, poster workshops and a sneak peak at their new headquarters at Berkeley Way West!


Tuesday, December 3rd

Prof. John Canny, Advisable Driving Models
Prof. Pieter Abbeel, Some Recent Progress in Deep RL
Prof. Koushil Sreenath, Multi Modal Robotics Towards Last Mile Delivery
Prof. Mark Mueller, Aerial Robots for Transporting People
Prof. Anca Dragan, Learning from, Assisting, and Coordinating with Not-Very-Rational Humans
Prof. Ken Goldberg, Getting a Grip
Prof. Laura Waller, Computational Imagers
Prof. Ren Ng, Oz Vision: Probing the Plasticity of Human Color Perception
Prof. Sergey Levine, Model-Based Reinforcement Learning
Prof. Avideh Zakhor, Memory Augmented Neural Networks for Online, Incremental Object Detection
Prof. David Bamman, Literary NLP
Prof. Laurent El Ghaoui, Implicit Deep Learning
Prof. Bin Yu, Interpreting Deep Neural Networks for Trustworthy AI
Prof. David Wagner, Security for Machine Learning
Prof. Jennifer Listgarten, ML for Protein Engineering and Small Molecule Design
Prof. Dawn Song, Trustworthy Machine Learning
Prof. Bruno Olshausen, Analog Memory for Efficient Image Storage

Wednesday, December 4th
Prof. Joseph Gonzalez, Research in AI-Systems
Wei Zhan representing the lab of Prof. Masayoshi Tomizuka
Prof. Francesco Borrelli, Updates from MPC Lab BDD Activities
Industry Panel: “AI and Machine Learning Applications” Panelists include Honda (Yi-Ting Chen), Mapillary (Peter Kontschieder), Meituan (Huaxia Xia), Nexar (Matan Friedmann), Panasonic (Takashi Kawamura), Sony (Tamaki Kojima), moderated by Dr. Ching-Yao Chan
Prof. Ben Recht, Training on the Test Set and Other Heresies
Prof. Alexandre Bayen, FLOW: Integration of Traffic Microsim + Deep-RL and Cloud: Applications to Mixed Autonomy Traffic
Dr. Ching-Yao Chan and Dr. Pin Wang, Life-Long Learning for Autonomous Driving
Prof. Kurt Keutzer
Industry Panel: “How Many More Miles Left on the Road to Full Autonomy?” Panelists include Toyota Research International (Adrien Gaidon), General Motors (Priyantha Mudalige), Ford (Vijay Nagasamy), and DiDi (Junqing Wei) moderated by Professor Kurt Keutzer
Prof. Moritz Hardt, The Sociotechnical Forces Against Overfitting
Prof. Jitendra Malik, Overcoming Mode Collapse and the Curse of Dimensionality
Prof. Yi Ma, Learning from Structures, and for Structures
Prof. Hany Farid, Protecting World Leaders Against Deep Fakes
Prof. Alison Gopnik, How AI can Learn from Four-Year-Olds
Prof. Trevor Darrell, Beyond “Supervised” AI

Check out the photos from the reception and poster sessions.