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July 5, 2012
  Selected News and Events  
  • Profs. Daganzo and Cervero presented their papers at the VREF Workshop 2011, held at Beijing, China, Oct. 26-29, 2011.

  • Prof. Robert Cervero and Dr. Jin Murakami present in HSR Symposium, Dec. 2010


                Cervero and Murakimi presented their paper, California High-Speed Rail and Economic Development: Station-Area Market Profiles and Public Policy Responses, to an international panel in the California High Speed Rail Symposium, held at the University of California, Berkeley, Dec. 2-3, 2010.

  • Prof. C. F. Daganzo developed a new textbook, Public Transportation Systems, and the complementary problem set. Dec. 2010

  • With Prof. C. F. Daganzo, Barcelona to Launch BRT Network, April 2010

  •             On February 24, 2010, the City of Barcelona, Spain, publicly announced ambitious plans to implement a next-generation, bus rapid transit (BRT) network in January 2011; see news (in Spanish). The new system, called RetBus, will cover the whole city with fast, high-frequency lines that will allow people to travel anywhere in the city quickly and reliably; see System Map. The Volvo Center collaborated on the plans with the Center for Transport Innovation (CENIT), a not-for-profit research center headed by U.C. Berkeley alumnus F. Robusté, also in Barcelona. Prof. Carlos Daganzo conceived the advanced network system and led the scientific research effort underlying the plan development; see Scientific basis.

      Recent Working Papers  

            Gu, W., M.J., Cassidy, and Y. Li. (2012), Models of Bus Queueing at Curbside Stops, UCB-ITS-VWP-2012-3. link


            Daganzo, C.F. (2012), On the design of public infrastructure systems with elastic demand, UCB-ITS-VWP-2012-2. link


            Gu, W., M.J., Cassidy, V.V. Gayah, and Y. Ouyang. (2012), Strategies for Mitigating Impacts of Near-Side Bus Stops on Cars, UCB-ITS-VWP-2012-1. link


            Daganzo, C.F., E.J. Gonzales, and V.V. Gayah. (2011), Traffic Congestion in Networks, and Alleviating it with Public Transportation and Pricing, UCB-ITS-VWP-2011-7. link


            Cervero, R., and E. Guerra. (2011), Urban Densities and Transit: A Multi-dimensional Perspective, UCB-ITS-VWP-2011-6. link


            Guerra, E., R. Cervero, and D. Tischler. (2011), The Half-Mile Circle: Does It Best Represent Transit Station Catchments? UCB-ITS-VWP-2011-5. link


            Jang, K., and M.J. Cassidy. (2011), Dual Influences on Vehicle Speeds in Special-Use Lanes and Policy Implications, UCB-ITS-VWP-2011-4. link


            Braughton, M., Brill, M., Lee, S., Binger, G., and Cervero, R. (2011), Advancing Bus Rapid Transit and Transit Oriented Corridors in California¡¯s Central Valley, UCB-ITS-VWP-2011-3. link


            Gonzales, E.J., and C.F. Daganzo. (2011), Morning Commute with Competing Modes and Distributed Demand: User Equilibrium, System Optimum, and Pricing, UCB-ITS-VWP-2011-2. link


            Xuan, Y., J. Argote, and C.F. Daganzo. (2011), A Dynamic Holding Strategy to Improve Bus Schedule Reliability and Commercial Speed, UCB-ITS-VWP-2011-1. link


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