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August 30, 2006
  Volvo Summer Workshop July 24-25, 2006
  summer workshop 2006sclar and group

July 24

Agenda and Presentations and Synopses of Breakout Sessions on Shanghai, Santiago, Nairobi and Chengdu

Session 1. Moderator: Carlos Daganzo, Director, UC Berkeley for Future Urban Transport (all presentation links are to PowerPoint slides)


Session 2. Moderator: Michael Cassidy


Session 3. Moderator: Robert Cervero


Session 4. Moderator: Yuwei Li


Session 5. Moderator: Samer Madanat

  • Brainstorming to define breakout themes and organize sessions
  July 25
  • Breakout sessions on synergy, future directions, etc.
  • Summary (290 HMB)

Synopses of Breakout Sessions