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July 15, 2008
  VREF Conference 2008: Participants, Presentations and Posters  
  May 19, Morning Sessions  

Overviews of CoEs

  "Turning the Tanker: The GAMUT Agenda for Transportation, Cities and Climate Change," presented by Nicholas Low, Australasian Centre for Governance and Management of Urban Transport, University of Melbourne (GAMUT information page)  

"Working Report," presented by Yuling Jiang, China Urban Sustainable Transport Research Center (CUSTReC), China Academy of Transport Sciences (CATS), Ministry of Communications (CUSTReC information page)

  "Sustainable Urban Transport in Less Motorised Countries: Research and Training," presented by Dinesh Mohan andGeetam Tiwari, Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Program, Indian Institute of Technology (TRIPP), New Delhi  (TRIPP information page)  

"ACET Overview," presented by Roger Behrens, Centre for Transport Studies, University of Cape Town (ACET information page)


"International Comparative Study of Mega Transport Projects: Outline of Overall Study Methodology," presented by Harry Dimitriou, The Omega Centre for the Study of Mega Projects in Transport and Development, The Bartlett School of Planning, University College London (Omega Centre information page)

  "Center for Sustainable Urban Development," presented by Elliott Sclar, The Center for Sustainable Urban Development (CSUD), Columbia University (CSUD information page)  
  "Studies on the Simultaneous Interactions between Policy and Technology," presented by Carlos Daganzo, The Volvo Center for Future Urban Transport, University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley COE information page)  
  May 19, Afternoon Sessions  
  California’s Strategic Growth Plan
Tom West, Director, California Center for Innovative Transportation
  Getting to Scale: Harnessing the Market for TOD Shelley Poticha, President, Reconnecting America  
  Uniting Environmental and Community Groups to Shape Transportation Policy           
Stuart Cohen, Founder and Executive Director, Transportation and Land Use Coalition
  Carsharing: Its growth and impacts
Rick Hutchinson, CEO, Citycarshare
  Collaborative Location-Based Services and the Privacy Implications
Quinn Jacobson, Nokia Research
  Better Design and Smarter Transport Systems for Cities Ready to Change                       
Elizabeth Macdonald, Assistant Professor, UCB
  Eco-Blocks, a Replicable Model for Sustainable Neighborhoods
Harrison Fraker, Dean, College of Environmental Design, UCB
  Magical Thinking, Addictive Behavior, and Market Failures
Michael O'Hare, Prof. of Public Policy, Goldman School of Public Policy, UCB
  May 20, Morning Sessions  
  Benchmarking Efficiency of Sustainable Urban Transport in China—7 Challenges and 5 Strategic Priorities, presented by Dr. Wu Hongyang, CUSTReC CUSTRec
  Planning Australian transport to stabilise the climate at 2-3 degrees C hotter than today, presented by Patrick Moriarty and Damon Honnery GAMUT
  Institutional Barriers and Enablers to Children’s Independent Mobility, presented Dr. Carolyn Whitzman GAMUT
  Sustainable Urban Transport in Less Motorised Countries: Research and Training TRIPP


  Vulnerable Road User, presented by Sudipto Mukherjee



  Development and governance of public and non-motorised transport provision in African cities, presented by Roger Behrens ACET
  Research Highlights-Current/Future Activities and Collaborations OMEGA
  Nairobi Regional Project, presented by Elliot Sclar CSUD
  Research Highlights, presented by Michael Cassidy UCB
  May 20, Afternoon Sessions  
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  General discussions on plans for future network cooperation