Joe Butler

Job title: 
Connected Corridors Program Manager
Connected Corridors
Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology

Joe Butler is the program and engineering manager responsible for the Connected Corridors program. Connected Corridors is a multimillion dollar statewide Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) research and development effort. 

As the Program Manager, Joe manages a core team of over 30 personnel comprised of managers, software engineers, traffic modelers, traffic engineers, communication specialists, researchers and students. In addition there are multiple consultants and industry partners associated with the program. Connected Corridors is focused on bringing the next generation of Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) strategies to major corridors throughout California.

The focal point of the program is a pilot in Los Angeles County utilizing the latest technologies, from academia, government, and industry, in traffic modeling, decision support, communication, organizational efficiency, financing, and human motivation. PATH is responsible for developing and implementing both the technical tools and human processes required to deploy and manage this innovative program.

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) initiated the program and the local district for the I-210 Project, District 7 has undergone a reorganization of their Traffic Operations Division to better support corridor management. Caltrans has committed to bringing the Connected Corridors strategy and technology to other congested corridors over the next 10 years.

In 2017, the Connected Corridors I-210 Project moved from the planning phase to the development phase. Deployment is planned for late 2018 or early 2019. Thirteen stakeholders have committed their time and various resources to the project, with several private sector companies participating in the development of communication software and ITS systems for the Project. Joe oversees the many moving pieces of this project, helps to guide the stakeholders to consensus, and is responsible for the overall success of the I-210 Pilot.



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