Mark Delucchi

Job title: 
Research Scientist
Lead Researcher
Transportation Sustainability Research Center
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

I studied physics and engineering my first two years of college at UCLA, then studied urban planning, economics, philosophy, architecture, engineering, public policy, energy use in buildings, and more, for a bachelor’s and master’s degree at Berkeley. After a 3-year hiatus from university, I returned to study environmental science, economics, ecology, transportation energy, and engineering for a Ph.D. at UC Davis. After a one-year post-doc at Princeton, doing analyses of hydrogen energy for transportation, I started my current career as a professional researcher at the University of California, first at UC Davis, now at Berkeley.

I’ve enjoyed (and sometimes still enjoy) hiking, water polo, mountain biking, swimming, tennis, bicycle touring, gardening, genealogy, body surfing, ski trekking, frisbee golf, rock climbing, triathalons, local neighborhood planning activities, skateboarding, travel, and mountaineering. I have three children. My wife is a writer and a therapist.