Pin Wang

Job title: 
Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology

Dr. Wang is a researcher at California PATH, UC Berkeley. She is mainly working on deep learning based automated driving projects under Berkeley DeepDrive Consortium, and vehicle platform developments. Prior to joining PATH, Dr. Wang did research on Cooperative Collision Warning System based on V2X Technologies, Big Data Analysis on Vehicle Driving Patterns, Simulation Assessment of Advanced Vehicular Technologies, Crash Data Analysis, and Road Safety Evaluation. Dr. Wang received her Ph.D. degree in Transportation Engineering from Tongji University, China. She also worked as an intern at BMW Technology Office for half a year, and a postdoctoral researcher at PATH for a year and a half.

Dr. Wang’s primary research collaborator at PATH is Dr. Ching-Yao Chan, who is the Program Leader at PATH and the Associate Director of Berkeley DeepDrive.

Research interests: 
  • Automated Driving Maneuvers based on Reinforcement Learning
  • Driving Behavior Learning and Motion Planning
  • Experimental Vehicle Platform and Simulation Platform


Richmond Field Station, Bldg 452, MC 3580