Sakib Khan

Job title: 
Post Doctoral Research Scholar
Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology

Dr. Khan is a post-doctoral research scholar working at PATH from 2019. He is working on two PATH projects, which are: (1) Hybrid Data, and (2) Connected Corridors. In the hybrid data project, he is developing a deep learning-based framework for merging heterogeneous data for estimating the highway performance measures. In the connected corridors project, he is assessing the quality of the data available from multiple cities on the I-210 corridor for the integrated corridor management system. Before joining PATH, he worked as a research specialist at the Center of Connected Multimodal Mobility at Clemson University. He received his Ph.D. from Clemson University in 2019, where he designed and developed multiple Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) applications in an urban transportation cyber-physical systems, and demonstrated the benefits of these applications. He received his M.Sc. from Clemson University in 2015, where he developed a machine learning-based application for connected vehicles, and demonstrated the benefits of the application on a freeway.

Research interests: 
  • Transportation cyber-physical systems
  • Connected and Automated Vehicle technology 
  • Digital infrastructure
  • Vehicle-infrastructure integration 
  • Data analytics in intelligent transportation systems
  • Traffic simulation 


(864) 569-1082
410 McLaughlin Hall Berkeley, CA 94720