Dowel rods positioned prior to the placement of Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) on State Route 180 east of Fresno. Honorable mention from a Tech Transfer photo contest; taken by Bob Hull, Caltrans District 6 Project Manager. 


ITS Berkeley News

  • By Andrew Choy from Santa Clara, California (Flickr) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimed

     A new study from Li Yiu and Mark Hansen published in the Articles in Advance section of Transportation Science improves how air traffic managers cope with unexpected delays and provides them with more predictable ways to manage arrival traffic at airports with adverse weather.

  • Tim Lipman

    Transportation Sustainability Research Center Co-Director Tim Lipman was asked to testify for Chairman Bill Quirk’s select committee of the Assembly in Sacramento June 18, 2015 regarding The Future of Transportation Fuel in California.


  • Shaheen presents

     Transportation Sustainability Research Center Co-Director Susan Shaheen is taking an international perspective when it comes to the sharing economy this June. She was recently a keynote speaker at two gatherings in Utrecht: the First 2015 Car-Sharing Symposium in the Netherlands on June 3, 2015 and the First International Workshop on the Sharing Economy June 4-5, 2015.