Transportation Library

Transportation Library

Advances the institute’s success and impact through effective management of information

The Transportation Library located at Berkeley is the most innovative transportation library in the nation, focusing on using specialized data and leveraging electronic resources to:

•  Advance success and impact through effective information management
•  Support primary missions of research and graduate education through targeted services designed to teach information literacy and provide efficient, long-term access to relevant, timely information
•  Promote access to information, particularly research results, to the broader transportation research community

Students working in Library

The Transportation Library houses a number of books, but also has a large and expanding digital footprint with online resources, including TRIO and Web of Science.

Students talking around a table

Encouraging student study and socializing, the Transportation Library is the "living room of ITS."

John Harvey Reception in Library

The Transportation Library opens up their space for several social events throughout the year, including orientations, receptions, parties, and ping pong tournaments.

Students at a desk

In the spirit of innovation and curating more information, the Transportation Library is using its space to host academic hackathons and workshops that foster creativity and generate datasets for future use.