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Daniel RodriguezInterim Director

Daniel Rodríguez

I feel privileged for the opportunity to serve as the Interim Director of ITS this Spring of 2022. I am certain that I speak for many of you as well, in acknowledging my appreciation for the myriad contributions and service given to ITS by our outgoing Director, Professor Alexandre Bayen. Alex, with great ability, catalyzed our energy, provided vision, and worked closely with many of you to launch new initiatives and to invigorate key existing activities. Thanks to his contributions, combined with the hard work of you all, our organization is both strong and thriving.

In 2022, we will continue our work on many fronts, with a special emphasis on supporting diversity, equity and inclusion in our research and daily activities. We are also developing our plans to launch a Smart Infrastructure initiative, that will develop and use remote sensors, data analytics and artificial intelligence tools, as well as other emerging technologies, to better inform decision-making among government agencies, in addition to collaborating with other existing ITS centers. Smart Infrastructure will be a common theme throughout the Spring 2022 ITS Seminar Series.

The new year will also mark the 75th anniversary of ITS Berkeley, giving us the opportunity to reflect on our historic legacy and the many firsts we have accomplished, including the first self-driving car, the first set of platooned vehicles, the first connected corridor, and the first use of cell phones to track vehicles and guide travelers.

Together, we have successfully delivered such important and critical benefits as improving accessibility, increasing safety, bringing economic vitality to our communities, and sustainably enhancing people’s ability to get where they need to go.

I am honored to be a part of the family that is ITS, and I look forward with great pleasure to working with you this year.

Daniel A. Rodriguez
Interim Director
Chancellor’s Professor and Co-Chair, Department of City and Regional Planning