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Featured Job Post: PATH Executive Director

The PATH Executive Director leads a long-standing and highly respected transportation research program focused on the research, development, and deployment of transportation innovation to improve transportation mobility, safety, equity, and the environment.  The "program" includes the California Program for Advanced Transportation Technology focusing on research and development of intelligent transportation systems and the affiliated Berkeley Deep Drive program focused on the application of artificial intelligence and deep learning to vehicle automation. The ED is responsible to establish and monitor strategic direction of these program influenced in part by local, state and national transportation priorities, industry needs emerging science and technology, and the expertise and interests of program staff and affiliate faculty.

The incumbent is the chair and member of the PATH Leadership Team consisting of approximately 10 members, responsible to monitor the strategic direction of the PATH program. Work output of this group impacts all employees with respect to overall programmatic direction, funding, and long-term planning for sustainability. Each of the members including the candidate are responsible to generate and/or identify funding opportunities and pursue as appropriate through the development of proposals and assignment of staff to support the newly created work effort.

The qualified candidate will actively participate in the development of policies and procedures and provide general oversight of staff and projects to ensure that the program meets its intended goals, and (along with all members of the leadership team) is responsible to mentor assigned PATH employees including career guidance, establishing training plans, and providing input into annual employee reviews, promotional cases, and recruitment to ensure quality and diversity of the team.

The PATH Executive Director is also responsible for frequent and active outreach to program and project sponsors, as well as active participation in state, national and international committees and forums that afford opportunities to explore, discuss, and influence consideration of program activities.  Finally, outreach and collaboration with university faculty and staff and other related university programs is of prime importance to ensure inclusion and relevance to the benefit of the program and sponsoring agencies. Read more and apply here.

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