Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology

Develop transformative ideas and deploy advanced technologic solutions

California PATH addresses California’s multitude of economic, environmental, and transportation challenges, while developing the next generation of transportation professionals in the areas of:

  • Vehicle automation
  • Vehicle and infrastructure connectivity
  • Transportation safety and security
  • Next generation transportation corridor management
  • Innovative transit solutions to improve ridership
  • Advanced transportation decision support
  • Fleet and vehicle energy and emission reduction
  • Deep learning for automotive perception (Berkeley DeepDrive)
Truck Platoon

PATH’s research in vehicle automation, a field it pioneered in the 1990s, includes truck platooning, which lowers fuel consumption, GHG emissions and increases highway capacity for all drivers on the road. Photo credit Paul Kirchner

Connected Corridors Pilot Map

Connected Corridors is a collaborative program to research, develop, and test an Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) approach to managing transportation corridors throughout California. The Program is starting with a pilot deployment on Interstate 210 near Los Angeles and will then expand to multiple corridors throughout California. The I-210 Pilot is being led by Caltrans District 7 with significant stakeholder support and private industry partners.

Eugene automated bus

Bus automation, such as that demonstrated at Lane Transit in Eugene Oregon, increases the efficiency of bus operations through a utomated lateral control and docking systems, which enable busses to operate with the efficiency of a light-rail system.

DeepDrive poster session

Berkeley DeepDrive seeks to advance computer vision technology via deep learning for automotive control applications and bringing computer vision technology to the forefront of autonomous vehicle control by partnering private industry with Berkeley faculty and researchers from multiple departments