James Fishelson

Job title: 
California PATH Director
Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology Director
Lead Researcher

Dr. James Fishelson is the California PATH Executive Director. Prior to CA PATH, Fishelson worked at Ford as the Mobility Research Manager, where he led a team of researchers and scientists with backgrounds in transportation engineering, data science, urban planning, optimization, and more, focusing on modeling the impacts of new mobility solutions from nano to macroscopic scales across different cities: connected vehicles, driver assist technologies, micromobility, first-mile last-mile shuttles, automated taxis, and more.

While at Ford, Fishelson worked with several different industry, government, and academic groups, including ITS Berkeley researchers. He worked on a variety of new and innovative mobility areas including autonomous technology, simulators, travel demand modeling, geofencing, equity issues, commercial fleets, traffic simulations, 3D virtual displays, and more.

Fishelson earned his PhD in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Michigan, his master’s degree in Transportation Engineering at Utah State University, and his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and International Studies at Yale University.