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ITS Berkeley Shines at IEEE ITS Conference

ITS faculty, staff, students and alumni were joined by top researchers in the academic and private sector at the 21st IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems on ​Nov. 4-7, 2018 ​in Maui, Hawaii.

IEEE ITS Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Pravin Varaiya, left, and Conference General Chair Wei-Bin Zhang.Partners for Advanced Highway Technology’s Wei-Bin Zhang served as General Chair of the conference, which involved organizing a nearly 18-month planning operation culminating in a 1,000-person conference — prominently featuring ITS research and researchers and contributed to raising the profile of UC Berkeley research on transportation.

Professor Emeritus Pravin Varaiya also earned the Lifetime Achievement Award from IEEE ITS at the conference for his research and innovations over a lengthy career in ITS.

ITS Berkeley and PATH staff also provided financial and logistics advice and comprised the core staff to support on-site activity in Hawaii, in addition to a majority of the volunteer students at the conference came from UC Berkeley, providing a unique opportunity for ITS to have a significant contingent at the conference.

The IEEE ITS conference has been on the rise for a while, accelerated by four trends transforming transportation: automation, electrification, the shared economy, and data science. UC Berkeley has positioned itself well in this rapidly growing community, and some of the tutorials, workshops and presentations of ITS faculty, staff and students were amongst the most attended of the conference.UC Berkeley students and alumni

Throughout the conference, 15 faculty and students were engaged in leadership and volunteer roles by chairing and co-chairing more than 20 sessions: Gabriel Gomes, Pravin Varaiya, Wei Bin Zhang, Pin Wang, Ching-Yao Chan, Jane Macfarlane, Eugene Vinitsky, Cathy Wu, Jessica Lazarus, Vijay Govindarajan, Alexander Keimer, Dachuan Li, Xiao-Yun Lu, Masayoshi Tomizuka, and Thephile Cabannes.

In addition, 68 ITS Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory affiliated faculty, students and researchers contributed to 39 papers and sessions at the conference. The exchange of ideas and research on the broad spectrum of Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS Berkeley demonstrated really shows that ITS is leading the way on a multitude of systems. All the presented papers will appear in IEEEXplore, IEEE Transactions on ITS or the IEEE ITS Magazine.

PATH co-director Trevor Darrell presents his work on AI research at the IEEE ITS Conference.Gabriel Gomes, Emily Porter, Alexandre Bayen and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Xiaoye Li presented A Unified Software Framework to Enable Solution of Traffic Assignment Problems at Extreme Scale (I); LBNL’s Bin Wang presented Large-Scale Traffic Assignment for Fuel Optimization (I); Alexandre Bayen presented Traffic and Mobility Based on Mobile Data (I); Pin Wang presented ‘Data Collection and Analytics' by Eli Brosh (I); LBNL’s Colin Shepard presented Agents As Actors: Distributed, Parallel Travel Demand Mesoscale Simulation Using the BEAM Framework (I); LBNL’s Cy Chan presented Mobiliti: Scalable Transportation Simulation Using High-Performance Parallel Computing (I); Trevor Darrell presented Deep Learning for Autonomy: Domain Adaptation (I); Pin Wang presented 'Enabling Technologies in Software and Hardware' by Pradeep Gupta (I); Liting  Sun presented Probabilistic Prediction of Interactive Driving Behavior Via Hierarchical Inverse Reinforcement Learning (I); Zhuo Xu presented Zero-Shot Deep Reinforcement Learning Driving Policy Transfer for Autonomous Vehicles Based on Robust Control (I); Eugene Vinitsky and Cathy Wu presented Open Problems in RL and Transportation Session (I); Gabriel Gomes and LBNL’s Xiaoye Li and Kesheng Wu presented Efficient Online Hyperparameter Learning for Traffic Flow Prediction (I); Jinkyu Kim and John Canny presented Deep Traffic Light Detection for Self-Driving Cars from a Large-Scale Dataset; Wei-Bin EECS227 students taking the second midterm remotely (from Hawaii).Zhang presented The Development of National Automated Highway Systems and Demo ’97; Pravin Varaiya presented Retrospective and Future Perspectives of ITS; Jessica Lazarus, Stefanus Hinardi, Michael Zhao, Frank Shyu, Yexin Wang, Shuai Yao, Bayen and LBNL’s Juliette Ugirumurera presented A Decision Support System for Evaluating the Impacts of Routing Applications on Urban Mobility; Mobiliti: Jane Macfarlane and LBNL’s Cy Chan, Bin Wang, and John Bachan presented Scalable Transportation Simulation Using High-Performance Parallel Computing; Eugene Vinitsky, Kanaad Parvate, Abdul Rahman Kreidieh, Cathy Wu, Zian Hu and Bayen presented Lagrangian Control through Deep-RL: Applications to Bottleneck Decongestion; Vijay Govindarajan and Ruzena Bajcsy presented Affective Driver State Monitoring for Personalized, Adaptive ADAS (I); Long Xin, Pin Wang, Ching-Yao Chan and Jianyu Chen presented Intention-Aware Long Horizon Trajectory Prediction of Surrounding Vehicles Using Dual LSTM Networks; Abdul Rahman Kreidieh, Cathy Wu and Bayen presented Dissipating Stop-And-Go Waves in Closed and Open Networks Via Deep Reinforcement Learning; Pravin Varaiya presented Vision Zero – Opportunities and Challenges; Negar Zahedi Mehr, Ruolin Li, and Roberto Horowitz presented A Game Theoretic Model for Aggregate Bypassing Behavior of Vehicles at Traffic Diverges; Liting Sun, Wei Zhan, and Masayoshi Tomizuka presented Probabilistic Prediction of Interactive Driving Behavior Via Hierarchical Inverse Reinforcement Learning; Negar Zahedi Mehr and Roberto Horowitz presented Signal Control for Urban Traffic Networks with Unknown System Parameters; Aziz Khiyami, Alexander Keimer and Alexandre Bayen presented Structural Analysis of Specific Environmental Traffic Assignment Problems; Changliu  UBER/CMU Professor Jeff Schneider's plenary sessionLiu presented Analytically Modeling Unmanaged Intersections with Microscopic Vehicle Interactions; Thephile Cabannes, Frank Shyu, Emily Porter, Yexin Wang, Shuai Yao, Stefanus Hinardi, Michael Zhao, and Alexandre Bayen presented Measuring Regret in Routing: Assessing the Impact of Increased App Usage; Yeping Hu, Wei Zhan, and Masayoshi Tomizuka presented A Framework for Probabilistic Generic Traffic Scene Prediction; Zhuo Xu, Chen Tang, and Masayoshi Tomizuka presented Zero-Shot Deep Reinforcement Learning Driving Policy Transfer for Autonomous Vehicles Based on Robust Control; Fangyu Wu presented Connections between Classical Car Following Models and Artificial Neural Networks; Jiachen Li, Hengbo Ma, Wei Zhan, and Masayoshi Tomizuka presented Generic Probabilistic Interactive Situation Recognition and Prediction: From Virtual to Real; Wei Zhan, Liting Sun, Yeping Hu, Jiachen Li, and Masayoshi Tomizuka presented Towards a Fatality-Aware Benchmark of Probabilistic Reaction Prediction in Highly Interactive Driving Scenarios; Xin Li presented Vehicular Edge Cloud Computing: Depressurize the Intelligent Vehicles Onboard Computational Power (I); Dachuan Li, Joshua Huadong Meng, and Wei-Bin Zhang presented Integrated Dynamic Transit Operation System for Multimodal Suburban Transit; Gabriel Gomes, Emily Porter, Alexandre Bayen and LBNL’s Xiaoye Li presented A Unified Software Framework to Enable Solution of Traffic Assignment Problems at Extreme Scale; and Xiao-Yun Lu and Steven E. Shladover presented MPC-Based Variable Speed Limit and Its Impact on Traffic with V2I Type ACC.

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