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Research at ITS Berkeley

The UC Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies is one of the world's leading centers for transportation research, education, and scholarship. 

Areas of research focus include:

  • transportation planning
  • logistics
  • traffic operations
  • infrastructure management
  • aviation
  • transportation economics and finance
  • intelligent transportation
  • public transportation
  • transportation and the environment
  • transportation and energy
  • traffic safety 


ITS Berkeley currently houses seven research centers, each one with its own focus and core sponsors and/or funders. Watch an overview slideshow summarizing the various research conducted across all ITS centers.


ITS research sponsors include federal, state, and local governments; the National Science Foundation; private research foundations; automobile companies; railroads; and airlines. The single largest sponsor is the California Department of Transportation. See our detailed list of sponsors.

Support ITS Berkeley Research

Learn how you can sponsor, support, and partner with the world's leading transportation researchers. 

Graduate Student Researchers

ITS Berkeley graduation students may obtain paid research positions. Learn about how to be a GSR.

Other Transportation-Associated Research Organizations at UC Berkeley

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