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A Paper Trail to BART

How the deal fell through: An annotated guide to the Oakland Airport connector from November 2000 when Alameda County voters approved a sales tax for a list of transportation improvements--to February 10, 2010 when the project was found to be not in compliance with the Civil Rights Act.

SMART Board: Look Everywhere for Money for Rail

Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit board members on Wednesday urged a multipronged attack as it continues to search for $155 million to complete a Marin-to-Sonoma commuter train project....Some of the ideas kicked around at the meeting included finding federal money for the bike path portion of the rail project, which would allow sales tax money to go to the train. Another possibility is using money intended for other Bay Area projects that are not ready to be built.

New Try for Rail Funding

A controversial proposal to start building the Sonoma-Marin commute rail system in Marin County first while looking for federal funds to bridge a $155 million financial gap was discarded by rail authorities Wednesday. Instead, Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit officials said they'll work closely with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, which is trying to find regional funds to pay for opening the entire line in 2014.

Pittsburg at Crossroads with Regional Transportation Group over Funds

Pittsburg says it will withdraw from a regional transportation fee-collection agency unless its contributions are spent on projects involving the city....Pittsburg leaders say regional road projects that would affect their city have not received a proportionate amount of funding....Pittsburg joined the group when it was created in 1994 in part to fund the James Donlon extension, a planned expressway through the hills of undeveloped land south of Pittsburg.

BART's $70 Million Loss in Airport Connector Funds is Boon for Transit Agencies

Nineteen public transit operators are in line to get a portion of $70 million in economic stimulus grants to buy, fix or upgrade buses, rail cars and other equipment after last week's federal decision to deny BART the funds for a rail extension to Oakland International Airport...AC Transit is getting more than $6 million for preventive maintenance on buses. The Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority is getting $12.2 million toward replacing 107 hybrid buses. Caltrain gets $2.7 million for seismic upgrades on four railroad bridges in San Mateo County.

This Electric Car Rides the Train

The UC, which stands for Urban Commuter, is a custom built electric car. From the outside, it looks similar in form to other two seat city cars. Its performance stats aren't particularly impressive either, with a top speed of 75 mph, torque at 96 pound-feet, and a range of only 65 miles...But the car is only part of a larger transportation scheme. It is designed to be easily loaded on special rail transport cars for long trips.


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