Publications Overview

ITS Berkeley produces numerous academic and research publications.

We have recently published Inventing the Future of Mobility, a guide to ITS and its Centers' history, leadership and administration that also explores the future of transportation through the many initiatives currently underway at ITS.

Academic Publications

Search the database of academic publications, including working papers, research reports, and dissertations.

Purchase the 16th edition of  Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering, our popular textbook that serves as an introduction to the field of traffic engineering.

Active academics can obtain solutions to the problems in both Carlos Dagzano's Logistics Systems Analysis and Fundamentals of Transportation and Traffic Operations by contacting the Institute of Transportation Studies publications office and requesting a copy of the solution manual to either publication.

Research News

The Berkeley Transportation Letter is the online news quarterly of ITS Berkeley, covering faculty and student research and related activities.

ITS News includes stories and links related to ITS students, faculty, and research. The most recent stories can be found on the homepage. Recent stories are collected here.

Headline News is a service of the ITS Berkeley Communications Department. We gather transportation-related stories and make them available as an RSS feed. The most recent stories run on the homepage. Recent stories are collected here.

NewBITS was the online research-news quarterly from 2005-2009. Go to the NewsBITS archive.


Contact us to subscribe to one of research news or technology transfer publications.