Darrell, Dragan, Goldberg, Katz and Russell to participate in Robotics + AI 2020 TC Session

February 18, 2020

TechCrunchITS and Berkeley DeepDrive affiliates and Electrical Engneering and Computer Science Professors Trevor Darrell, Anca Dragan, Ken Goldberg, Randy Katz and Stuart Russell are slated to participate in "TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics + AI 2020" on March 3rd on the UC Berkeley campus. 

The single-day event will focus on "Minds and Machines: The Future of Robotics," and will featuret he world's leading technologists, founders and investors:

Interviews and Demos

TechCrunch's editors bring to the stage top innovators in the robotics field to discuss and demo their latest work in robotics as well as AI. Past speakers are a virtual who's who of the AI and robotics world. See a small sample below.

Breakout Sessions

Many of the attendees are technical founders, engineering students and others who value the opportunity to go deep on technical topics. Past breakout sessions have delved deeply into areas like NVIDIA's Jetson, DARPA's latest challenge, and Skydio's breakthrough drone technology.

Networking Platform

Meet the key players and contributors in robotics and artificial intelligence throughout the day with TechCrunch's networking platform, CrunchMatch.

The event is sponsored by online publishing company TechCrunch in partnership with UC Berkeley, Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR), CITRIS, the Sutardja Center, and the Fung Institute. Join TechCrunch's editors at a show that Boston Dynamics founder Marc Raibert says "blends the best of thoughtful, research-focused robotics with a unique business in technology focus." This will be TechCrunch's fourth event focused on robotics and AI. In 2019, there were 1500 attendees.

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