Fleet Electrification–Insights and Approaches

March 27, 2023

Margaret McCall, Manager of Data Analytics, NextEra Mobility presented Fleet Electrification–Insights and Approaches on Friday, March 24, 2023 at the ITS Berkeley Transportation Seminar.

Abstract: Public and private fleets across the country are exploring whether to make the transition to electric vehicles. Many technical and economic factors play into the decision to convert to EVs – often, operational savings in the form of lower fuel costs are a key motivator. Margaret will discuss the primary considerations in fleet electrification decision-making, with a deep dive into energy cost modeling and how costs differ when fueling up with electricity instead of gas or diesel. She’ll explore the sensitivity of EV electricity costs to key real-world factors encountered in her work with fleets and will discuss the complexity of valuing managed charging.

Bio: Margaret has worked in the cleantech space for 10+ years. She currently manages the data analytics team at NextEra Mobility, leading a team of 9 in modeling fleet electrification feasibility and optimized smart charging of electric vehicles. She has a background in strategy consulting for corporations and governments, clean energy research and modeling, and political environmental advocacy. Prior to joining NextEra Mobility, she worked in clean energy at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where she published on electrified long-haul trucking; as a consultant for the Midcontinent Independent System Operator; and at Rocky Mountain Institute. Margaret graduated from Yale University with a BS in Geophysics, and from the University of California, Berkeley with a dual MS/MPP in Energy & Resources and Public Policy.