ITS Students Present Final Projects

May 16, 2023

Congratulations to our students who presented their final work before graduation. ITS Berkeley draws student from a number of programs who showcased student work this spring.

ITS Berkeley hosted a doctoral candidate and recent graduate seminar featuring Aaron Kandel (PhD Candidate Mechanical Engineering) Unsupervised Factors of Safety for Learning-based Control Systems, Jessica Lazarus (PhD Graduate Civil and Environmental Engineering) Multi-Objective Optimization of Pricing Strategies for Sustainable Transportation, Sarah Lindbergh (PhD Graduate Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning) Mapping infrastructure sociotechnical networks to advance climate adaptation governance, Soomin Woo (PhD Graduate CEE) Electrification and Automation of Mobility Infrastructure: Unintended Consequences and Their Solutions, and Megumi Yamanaka (PhD graduate City/Urban Community and Regional Planning) Studies on Cycling in Latin American Cities: Accessibility, Equity, and Gender on April 28, 2023.

The AIR Lab hosted doctoral presentations from Ang Li (PhD Candidate Civil and Environmental Engineering) Traffic Management for UAV-based Parcel Delivery and Multimodal Systems and Xin Peng (PhD Candidate Civil and Environmental Engineering) UAM: The Congestion Reduction Argument on May 1, 2023.

Department of City and Regional Planning hosted PhD exit talks featurig Transportation students Madeleine Parker, Housing, Land Use, and Transportation Impacts of Seattle’s Urban Villages Program, Tamara Kerzhner, Economic Geography and Policy in Informal Transportation, Chester Harvey, Walkable Streetscapes: Incorporating Streetscapes into the Pedestrian Travel Paradigm, and Megumi Yamanaka, Studies on Cycling in Latin American Cities: Accessibility, Equity, and Gender on May 12, 2023.

Department of City and Regional Planning hosted the 2023 Master of City Planning Symposium, featuring transportatin students Christina Peck, East Bay Pathways: The Legacy of the Key Route System, Johanna Roth, Equity Based History of San Francisco's Freeways, Rafael Unda, Road (Un)safety in United States, Drake Hayes, Marysville Boulevard Vision Zero Project,  Joann Martinez, Livability in Residential-Local Streets: Three Cases from San Francisco’s Slow Street Program, Ash McEvoy, Balancing the 22, 61 and 72: An Evaluation of Bus Stops in Santa Clara County, Mike Hua, Evaluating Muni's 7 Haight Noriega Rapid Project, Katie Kowalsky, Park & Ride: Examining the Salesforce Transit Center, and Hannah Greenberg, Calculating Comfort: A New Bicycle Comfort Index for San Francisco on May 11, 2023.