MCP Student Podcast Amplifies Experiences of Black and Indigenous People

May 12, 2021

Community Visions

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Community Visions is a podcast that was launched in 2021 by Zachary McRae and Rasheed Shabazz, both Master of City Planning students at the College of Environmental Design at the University of California, Berkeley.  

Community Visions amplifies the voices and lived experiences of Black people as they directly, or indirectly, engage the field of city and urban planning. The Podcast also explores the Black cultural perspectives on the issues of urbanism and how the built environment shapes our daily lives. The episodes provide listeners with an understanding of how traditional planning practices have harmed communities of color, particularly Black communities. Through conversations with activists, community leaders, scholars and planners, Community Visions demonstrates a re-envisioning of the practice to break away from its deleterious past.

Zachary McRae and Rasheed Shabazz are the recipients of the prestigious CED Arcus Diversity Platform Grant for their podcast Community Visions.