Measurable Commute Reduction and the War on SOV

Raney Seminar

February 23, 2018

Steve Raney, Joint Venture Silicon Valley, presented Measurable Commute Reduction and the War on SOV on February 23, 2018. 


The Big Picture covers: state SB375 15% per capita driving reduction goal, auto-centered Silicon Valley versus transit-centered Helsinki, Proposition 26 (Chevron spent $3.4 backing it) as barrier to protecting the climate, public policy political viability comparison, trip caps, carrot/stick, state bills, city ordinances, next generation employer commute programs. The Fair Value Commuting (FVC) carrot/stick policy stands out for political viability: Stanford University’s sophisticated commute program reduced SOV commuting from 75 to 50 percent, by charging SOV fees and offering incentives toward taking alternative commute modes. The FVC project develops a next generation system that borrows from Stanford’s. Legislation could phase in a $3.00 SOV fee and equivalent incentives, implemented at no cost to employers. System components include enterprise & smartphone apps, incentives/fees, electric scooter/bike, microtransit, and advanced ridesharing. “Fair Value Commuting is a case study for the nation - exceedingly innovative. The self-funding, financially sustainable, unsubsidized business model is unique among the FTA Mobility on Demand Sandbox projects.” – FTA MOD Program Manager Christina Gikakis.


Cervero-disciple Steve Raney is Joint Venture Silicon Valley’s Smart Mobility Director. Steve’s body of work includes: WayMo autonomous vehicle commercialization plan; Ultra PRT autonomous electric transit; EPA’s Transforming Office Parks study; and ten last mile studies. Steve has five degrees. Recent papers:,