2018 Wachs Lecture Smart Cities: The future of urban infrastructure

March 20, 2018

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The Smart Cities: The future of urban infrastructure 2018 Martin Wachs Lecture panel featured former students, post docs and colleagues of Martin Wachs and focused on the discussion of Smart Cities and the role that urban infrastructure and transportation will have on Thursday, March 15, 2018.

The panel disucssion focused on social equity; defining what being a smart city is and what it means for the average person and business; how cities would be different when they’re “smart,” especially regarding technology, infrastructure and transportation; how “smartness” helps address traditional disconnects between issues such as transportation and housing; lessons learned from the Obama Initiative and what was salvaged from it; who is in the lead for developing smart city initiatives in the public and private sectors; obstacles to cities and private sector working collaboratively; where cities can go for help; what is being/can be done to achieve outcomes with federal funds and without federal support; which cities are “best in class”, what can be learned from them and tangible outcomes have been seen in those locations; and examples of incremental moves toward “smartness” in SF, Oakland, LA, other CA cities.

Jeff Morales (Moderator): Former Executive Director of Caltrans; Former Chief Executive Officer of California High Speed Rail Authority; Senior Fellow at UC Berkeley’s Institute of Transportation Studies

Ryan Russo: Director of Oakland’s new Department of Transportation; former Deputy Commissioner of Transportation at New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT)

Tom Maguire: Director, Sustainable Streets at San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) and former Assistant Commissioner at NYCDOT

Maria Mehranian: Managing Partner and Chief Financial Officer, Cordoba Corporation

Prof. Susan Shaheen: UC Berkeley, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Co-Director, Transportation Sustainability Research Center

Each year the annual Wachs Lecture draws innovative thinkers to the University of California to address today’s most pressing issues in transportation. Created by students to honor Professor Martin Wachs upon his retirement from the University, the lecture rotates between Berkeley and UCLA, the campuses at which Marty taught.

Event Co-Sponsors: Martin Wachs Distinguished Lecture in Transportation Fund, Institute of Transportation Studies UC Berkeley, Global Metropolitan Studies, University of California Transportation Center, Department of City + Regional Planning College of Environmental Design, and Berkeley Infrastructure Initiative of UC Berkeley's Social Science Matrix

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