Moura and Colleagues Publish in Nature Energy

October 24, 2018

A manuscript entitled “Efficient thermal management of Li-ion batteries with a passive interfacial thermal regulator based on shape memory alloy,” co-authored by Professor Scott Moura, was recently accepted for publication into Nature Energy. The co-authors include CEE PhD student Saehong Park, and Mechanical Engineering colleagues Dr. Menglong Hao and Prof. Chris Dames.

The article describes an extremely clever mechanism to passively regulate temperature in batteries using a spring-loaded heat sink actuated by shape memory allow wires. This mechanism could be crucial for ensuring long-life and safety in battery powered devices.

Nature Energy recently received an impact factor of 46.859 from the Journal Citation Reports, which is even higher than Nature (IF: 41.577) and Science (IF: 41.058). This is Professor Moura's second article in Nature Energy in five years on the CEE faculty.