Xiao-Yun Lu

Job title: 
Lead Researcher
Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology

Dr. Xiao-Yun Lu is currently a Research Engineer at California PATH. He has over 30 years experiences in systems modeling, measurement, estimation, simulation, optimization, control, and real-time implementation; vehicle and highway automation – automated vehicle (passenger cars and heavy-duty vehicles) dynamics modeling, control design and implementation; energy consumption of automated vehicles and traffic systems for eco-driving; traffic monitoring, sensor detection and fusion; traffic system modeling, estimation, control and optimization (Coordinated Ramp Metering and Variable Speed Limit/Advisory);  goods movement; airport ground access planning; vehicle dynamics and control; active vehicle and intersection safety. He is a Principal Investigator/Researcher of multiple PATH projects.

Research interests: 
  • Control design, simulation, implementation and field test of 3-truck platooning for mobility and energy efficiency improvement using DSRC V2V;
  • Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC) design and implementation on heavy-duty trucks and passenger cars for freeway driving with public traffic
  • Freeway corridor traffic detection, modeling, simulation, optimal control algorithm development and field implementation with combined Variable Speed Limit/Advisory (VSL/VSA) and Coordinated Ramp Metering (CRM); 
  • Coordination of freeway corridor ramp metering and arterial corridor intersection traffic signal control;


(510) 665-3644
Richmond Field Station, Bldg 452, MC 3580